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Online Courses To Take During Self-Quarantine

Online Courses To Take During Self-Quarantine

During these uncertain times, some of us might go through a rollercoaster of emotions when trying to digest everything that has been happening in the world lately. While currently there are so many things that can get us easily overwhelmed, it is important to practice mindfulness and positivity that can push through negativity and depression.

If you have the means to spend quarantine by self-isolating at home, try to take this time as a moment to reconnect with yourself, your values and priorities. I cannot emphasize enough how misleading it is to think of social distancing as an obstacle to our everyday lives. Although it does interfere in the usual daily routines, it also gives humanity an opportunity to stop for a moment and reflect.

If in the course of such reflection you find the will to work on your self-development, then this blog post is for you. How many times have you been interested in learning more about a certain topic, but could not do so due to the ton lots of assignments and other chores to do?  Probably, we all have been there so when is a better time to finally start on it than now?

The Internet is full of online courses to take, be it in fashion, self-development, or data science. While everyone can find something, here are 5 that have recently caught my eye.

1. The Science of Well-Being

It is one of the most popular classes taught by Yale University on how to be happier in your life. Over the span of 2 years, the course has gathered national and international media attention due to its extensive explanation on how to build more productive habits and incorporate wellness activities in our daily routines. It takes around 20 hours to complete the course and, besides, it is entirely free to take. However, you can also opt for a completion certificate that costs $49.

2. History of Art

This online course, taught by Oxford University, encompasses 50 engaging sessions on subjects from medieval European architecture to modern Chinese art. Guided classes are aimed at explaining the origins of artefacts within world cultures, circumstances of their making, their creators and the critical reception followed by consequent history. It is free to access the classes as they are all published on the Apple podcast platform. The course is pretty lengthy, so you can simply enjoy it by turning on and listening while doing house chores.

3. Creativity and Leadership

This time, the Vogue Editor-in-Chief – Anna Wintour gives everyone a glimpse into her world. She rarely reveals facts about herself, so having an opportunity to learn something from her is definitely worthy. With the rise of social media and blogging, high fashion is becoming more democratized and magazines like Vogue are no longer a necessity to buy in order to know the latest trends. Under Anna’s creative guidance throughout all 12 lessons, you can gain knowledge on how to lead with an impact in the creative industry during these uncertain times.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Academy helps learners to gain knowledge about Google’s measurement tools that can be incorporated in growing the business through intelligent data collection and analysis. Many businesses use these features to assess and strengthen their marketing strategies so they can make the most use out of their investments. After completing the chosen course path, one can obtain a lot of in-depth analytic knowledge that is necessary to become a qualified web analyst. In general, gaining skill in this field broadens job opportunities in a current highly competitive marketplace.

5. Fashion Styling and Image-Making

Lucinda Chambers, the teacher of this course, has worked as a fashion director of Vogue UK for 25 years helping her establish valuable relationships with talented photographers and fashion icons. This course, according to her, is suitable for everyone: fashion gurus, freelance stylists, and students who want to enhance their knowledge with the industry-specific course and real-life examples. After around 11 hours of exclusive content consisting of video tutorials from Chambers, you can get some valuable insights into how the creative process works across platforms.

To conclude, I would like to emphasize that nothing is off your limits, so take this time to educate yourself, spread love, and take part in creating a better future for our society.

Author: Polina Hyrb
Editor: Kat Nivera
Featured image credits: Brittany England

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