About the IBCoMagazine

IBCoM Insights was first initiated in November 2011 by the IBCoM staff. Later, it became an independent project run almost entirely by students, though supported by the founding staff. The magazine serves as the publication for IBCoM, containing news, updates, and coverage of events related to the program.

The biggest change came in 2013 when the publication underwent a restructuring which included a name change to IBCoMagazine and an entirely new Editorial Team.

IBCoMagazine aims to serve as a platform for information regarding important news, events, and updates within the IBCoM program, for both students and staff. One of our main goals is to contribute to the experience of being an IBCoM student and create accurate media products that reflect the multi-faceted features that make up the IBCoM.

We hope IBCoMagazine will bring even more color and joy in your life as part of the International Bachelor Communication and Media program.

We are always open to tips, advice, and requests. You are welcome to send an email to ibcomagazine@gmail.com where we will be happy to hear from you.