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Staycation 2020 – staying entertained during summer [home edition]

Staycation 2020 – staying entertained during summer [home edition]

Slowly but steady, life is turning back to its’ usual, as shops and restaurants are re-opening and many measures are getting lifted. However, for the majority of us, this years’ summer vacation will be spent at home, participating in the maintenance of safety measures. Therefore, this summer wouldn’t be as tropical as we are used to, considering that we won’t be able to attend festivals, relax at beaches, or travel to exotic destinations. Nonetheless, after finishing a whole year of assignments and exams, everyone looks forward to, more than ever, a well-deserved summer vacation full of enjoyment and entertainment. This post will introduce some activities and ideas to stay entertained during these crucial times, transforming your home into the ideal holiday destination.

  1. Throw a pool-in-the-garden party
    Who said you need to leave your home to enjoy summer by the pool? Purchase an inflatable pool, decorate your garden, prepare some fancy cocktails/mocktails and change into some swimwear. All you have left to do is have fun, relax, and enjoy. Although this might not be totally the same as lying down nearby the pool or the beach, this serves as an ideal alternative for those who miss the delightful feeling of sunbathing, enjoying the beautiful weather, and the cooling water.
  2. Try out recipes from different cultures and cuisines
    Due to our current inability of travelling, the opportunity of tasting authentic dishes from different cuisines all over the world is also prevented. However, this can be simply fixed with some online inspiration, creativity, and cooking ability. Although not completely similar, attempting to cook foreign recipes allows the ability to bring other cultural flavours and delicacies from different travel destinations to your own home. If you don’t feel confident in cooking, ordering snacks from other nationalities could also work!
  3. Bringing ‘sightseeing’ to home – experience travelling through photoshoots
    Another method to bring summer indoors is to experience travelling through the pictures and videos that you took during earlier trips! This requirement of staying home gives us the ideal chance to revive previous travel adventures by bonding over these already experienced memories. Moreover, while you’re already viewing these captured moments, a fun challenge would be to recreate these travelling pictures with friends and family through perhaps the usage of props from home.

Rather than searching for methods to recreate your usual summer vacation scenarios, the following two suggestions would be giving the existence of a staycation the benefit of the doubt, providing inspiration for activities that are only possible at home.

  1. Home makeover – time for decorating and decluttering
    Now would be the perfect opportunity to give your home a complete makeover! How many times did you come up with new ideas or styles to reorganise, for instance, your bedroom or bathroom, but couldn’t find the time for it? Therefore, spend this years’ vacation by decorating and/or decluttering the house, starting fresh and clean for the upcoming semester.
  2. ME time – personal transformation & picking up new hobbies
    Finally, while you’re already in a transformation mood, you could also spend the summer working on yourself, whether that is mentally or physically. For instance, trying out new hairstyles or exploring new fashion trends and changing up your closet. Moreover, starting new hobbies such as learning a new foreign language, trying editing or painting also serve as nice ways to stay entertained this summer!
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