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10 Tips for the 20’s

10 Tips for the 20’s

With the changing of decades, we welcome a new era of our lives! The 2020s marks the decade where most of us will embark on a new journey. We will graduate from university, start new jobs, and maybe even move countries a couple more times. We might meet the one and might even decide to have children. This decade will be a mixture of change and growth in our lives. With that in mind, here are 10 tips to leave the 10’s and into the 20’s!

  1. The year of exploration: Explore more!
    The 1920’s marks the period of time where cities began to expand outwards because of the arrival of automobiles, therefore people could go around and weren’t limited to what immediately surrounded them. This year, we should explore, not only the city we currently live in but also what surrounds it. 
  2. The year of unimaginable opportunities: Be open to new opportunities
    The start of industrialization allowed for more job opportunities in the world, especially among women. With the new decade at hand, this could mean changes in ourselves leading us to find job opportunities or experience we never thought of doing. Therefore, we shall be open-minded and not limit ourselves this year.
  3. The year we take action: Be active citizens of the world
    Child labour laws were lifted and birth control leagues were created. Movements and changes that have impacted us today. This year we must be more aware of the world we live in and try to actively take part in these movements. 
  4. The year for loved ones: Make time for those you care about
    This decade will be the start of us moving into adulthood. We will have different priorities at times but never forget to cherish and make time for those who have helped us along the way! 
  5. The year of empowerment: Empower yourself by breaking norms
    The 20’s was a time where moral standards were pushed. Gone were the times of covering up as women wore looser, shorter and more revealing dresses, these made apparent by the classic 1920’s flapper girl. This year we should empower ourselves by accepting that we may not always fit into what society deems as normal. 
  6. The year for glamour: A little glamour never killed nobody!
    Makeup in the 1920’s was all about accentuating. An influence was black and white silent films, where actors had to accentuate their brows, lips, and eyes in order to project expression. For the ladies, this year try to get inspired by 1920’s rouge, accentuating your cheeks and try to accentuate your cupid’s bow the way they did. 
  7. The year of freedom: Excitement is key
    The 1920’s were known as the roaring 20’s because of the exuberance of the time, filled with Jazz and the Charleston. Make sure that in everything you do, you are always filled with excitement just as they were in the 20’s. 
  8. The year of influence: Be the change you want to see
    The 1920’s marks the beginning of change. For instance, women were finally given the right to vote, which opened up numerous opportunities, ones that challenged traditional female roles. In this decade, take a stand and stand up for what you believe in, it may even influence the future you live in. 
  9. The year of creativity: Let yourself be creative
    Art deco has remained to be one of the most iconic styles of visual art from the 1920’s. It is easily recognizable known for its bold geometric patterns, clear lines, and intense colours. That being said, allow yourself to be bold and intense in your creations this year, and also remind yourself to have precision in your actions such that of the Art Deco style. 
  10. The year of spending: Make sure to budget and save!
    The exuberance of the roaring 20’s came to downhill in 1929 when the stock market crashed, which ultimately led to the great depression. Enjoy the start of the 20’s but make sure you are budgeting and saving your money for the years to come! Beginnings can be exciting but don’t spend too much as it may lead to the crashing of your expenses! Plan for the future. Good luck!

Author: Aisya Roslan
Editor: Kat Nivera
Illustrator: Clara Cronin

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