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Spotting the Summer

Spotting the Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to get into that summer mood than by showing you some of the best places to spend your (hopefully) hot summer days! As an IBCOM student I assume that we all have gotten ourselves, at least a little bit, familiar with some good spots in Rotterdam, but what about the rest of the Randstad?

The Hague – Zwarte Pad

If you like chilling at a hip, cosy and pleasant beach, Zwarte Pad at Scheveningen, is the perfect place for you. On the one hand it is less touristy than other parts of Scheveningen since it is situated on the quite site of the Pier. On the other hand, it is the best place to party all summer long! It’s the perfect combination: sun, sea and music.

During the day you can relax on the lounge couches at one of the beach clubs and at night you can dance with your feet in the sand and a refreshing cold beer in your hand.

Every single weekend there are parties at beach clubs such as Indigo, Whoosah and Colorado Charlie. Whether you like disco, techno, or the classic hits there is a party here for everyone. So, it can definitely be argued that Zwarte Pad should be added to your places to visit during this summer’s days and nights!

Rotterdam – Het Luchtpark

For those who didn’t know yet, a part of the roof at Station Hofplein is designed as a public park, which is open everyday from 10 in the morning until sundown. This park, which is in the bustling centre of Rotterdam, is the perfect place to picnic and chill on a sunny afternoon. The combination of sitting in a park and being able to see the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam is one that isn’t seen often and therefore this place is definitely worth it to check out!

Amsterdam – Pllek

Even in the busy Amsterdam you can find some ‘beachy’ spots to chill during your summer holiday. Pllek is situated at the south of the IJ-Riverbank, which means that although this place is only about 15 minutes away from Central Station, you can escape from the business of the city and chill by the water. Another great thing about Pllek is that they find the well-being of animals and our environment very important. Therefore, their menu exists for 75% out of delicious vegetarian dishes, from which 25% is vegan. Their goal is to show their guests that a vegetarian cuisine has just as tasty food, which in my opinion gives us even more reason to let ourselves be surprised by their kitchen and check this place out!

Author: Floortje
Editor: Ayesha

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