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Having negative people in your life is so 2018

Having negative people in your life is so 2018

So it’s time to get rid of them.

You’ve all been confronted with a fake friend at one point in your life. But often they succeed in tricking you for a long time. Way too long. And that is not your fault, they’re simply too good at it. They’ve mastered the skills of manipulation and they know how to change any narrative to their benefit.

Here’s a guide on how to recognise those toxic people in your life and how to successfully get rid of them.

Too many apologies
If your friend has to apologise for a lot of things he does to you, that is a major red flag. First, there shouldn’t be so many altercations happening that they need to apologise for. Second, by apologising, they try to stay in your life. They aim to make you feel bad about being mad at them.


Trust your gut
You probably already know what’s up. Follow your guts, and cut the lines when people be acting too shady. If you find yourself having to defend your ‘friends’ a lot of the times, that’s not a good thing. You’re looking for excuses to not cut the ties.


Listen to your real friends
Often your real friends, maybe those who you’ve known for some time longer, already warn you about what’s going on. If they advise you to distance yourself from a person, consider it. Time doesn’t always tell how good the relationship is, but if their words ring true, you have to reconsider those who are bringing toxicity into your life.


Now that you know to spot these people crawling through your everyday life, here’s how to get rid of them.


First thing that you probably don’t want to do, but is a vital step to the process, is to let them know exactly how you feel. Let them know exactly how they hurt you, mistreated you, or disrespected you.

Don’t make the mistake of falling for their last minute manipulations! Cut that off right away and don’t look back.

Remember you are strong, worthy, and confident! Don’t think you can’t pull through because you can. Let them know how you feel and walk way from it.



Remember, you don’t owe anyone. Ever! You are a strong individual and you serve no obligations towards anyone.

Even if you’ve know the person for so long or feel like they are your true friend, dump them. If they’ve treated you badly and didn’t respect you like you deserved to be, then they’re not worthy of keeping.

It then doesn’t matter how long the friendship was or the memories you’ve shared: just cut them off.


An important message

The process of healing and developing in the person that you want to be does not end after cutting the toxicity from your life. You have to start getting to know yourself a bit better so you won’t fall for the same mistake again.

Learn to love yourself, and see all that you’re worth. As long as you don’t allow negativity to enter your life, there is no one that can compromise the peace and tranquility that you have in your mind.


And sometimes, the toxic one is you. It sucks to realise that – but it is only a chance to grow. Apologise, and work on yourself. Realising toxicity, within yourself or your relationships with others, is essential to your growth.

Author: Nicky
Editor: Ayesha
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