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Autumn Essentials

Autumn Essentials

Autumn is finally upon us and even though I am not the biggest fan of cooler temperatures, there is always some cozy vibe in the air that makes this time of the year so special. If you are by any chance not in the mood for this season, I am happy to share 5 things that can make your fall truly better.

  1. Scented Candles

Autumn is the perfect start of the candle burning season. Candles can magically make each part of your house look nice and cozy. A couple of my favorites are from Ikea, ZARA home and Yankee Candle. Let’s be honest here, what can be more pleasing than a gorgeous candle flickering in your room when it’s cold and gloomy outside? 

2. Fall Makeup
One of my favorite make up trends around this season are dark berry-toned lips as well as a classic red. It is a nice transition to make from a pale pink and nude shades that most prefer for summer to more bold colors that go well with blushing skin in autumn. Two shades that I prefer these days are M e s a u d a  617 Top Secret & Clinique Cider Berry. 

3. Blanket scarves

I truly believe that you never know how much you needed one until you actually purchase it and see how well it helps when dealing with a cold day. 

No doubt, this is an ultimate fall accessory that adds layers, keeps you warm and perfectly completes any outfit ( see how @ nycbambi styled hers). Whether you prefer bold colors and prints ( the plaid pattern is especially popular ) or heavy – knits, it will always add a bit of extra coziness and warmth to anything you wear.

4. Warm drinks
There is something so comforting about warm seasonal drinks and besides, they are a perfect thing to enjoy on a dreary day. During this time of the year, it is easy to find anything pumpkin, cinnamon or caramel flavored in Starbucks or any other store or cafe. Yet, I love to make my own drink at home. You do not need to be a professional barista to make your fancy drink, all needed is some patience. Also, there are a lot of hot drink recipes available online for this season. My personal favorites are chai latte and turmeric latte ( a perfect healthy alternative to coffee ).

5. Good books
Books are an amazing source of entertainment in the rainy season. And in the Netherlands, when it rains pretty much the whole autumn it is a perfect time to spend your leisure curled up on a chilly night while reading a nice story. My choice for this season is “ Hygge” by Meik Wiking. This book tells you how to practice a Danish way of creating well- being, warmth and coziness ( and the cover is so so pretty ).

I hope these small things help to brighten up your  autumn a bit more and bring nothing but comfort to your house 🍁

Author: Polina Hyrb
Editor: Kat Nivera

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