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The New Fashion Society Annual Fashion Show 2017

The New Fashion Society Annual Fashion Show 2017


Feeling like an intern for the Devil Wears Prada high fashion magazine agency, on Tuesday night I got to attend the New Fashion Society’s Annual Fashion Show. Situated at the Witte de Withstraat in the famous NRC cafe known for it big glowing lights, I followed the beautiful people who were dressed to impress into the big entrance, where we were wel-comed with a goodie bag and drinks.

The cafe that is usually filled with crowds and pre-drinkers was turned into a modern space with a DJ booth and catwalk going all around. After everyone took their seats, the show began as models walked the stage and exhibited the designers creations along to music played by the DJ. The central theme of the fashion show this year was Revolution, and the lucky designers who go to present their collections were Laura Meijering, Yuki Ito, Evy Papa, Beata Micialkiewicz, Agne Alburdaite, Mariana Zinga, Hyoseon Jang and An-newil Ravensbergen.

Each creator brought a unique aspect and the whole show was a beautiful art piece that incorporated a variety of designs, followed by fitting music and great vibes. For Yuki Ito’s collection for example, eccentric music played as male models wore futuristic and dysto-pian looks featuring grey tones and dark hues. In contrast, Beata Micialkiewicz’s collection consisted of models wearing white and nude tones, with some female models sporting translucent black fabric over their eyes. Inspired by psychiatric hospitals as stated on Be-ata’s website, the collection entitled Hysteria was modelled as hard electric guitars sounds played in the background. This juxtaposition created a collective whole. Beginning with “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross, the poppy music created a happy mood as Mariana Zinga’s collection featuring African patterns with popping colours and intricate designs, were presented by smiling models. After 8 rounds of collections, the show ended with de-signers taking the stage with their models, followed by rounds of applause.

This whole beautiful event that left audiences pleased and satisfied was planned and orga-nised by fellow IBCoMMER Goda Šiugždinytė! As the event manager of the NFS board, her team and her worked hard on making their vision become a reality. Asking how she managed, Goda explained that together with her team they started brainstorming for the fashion show in November and thought about the concept of the show. The real planning began in January as they started looking for the location. Though it took a while, NRC worked as a great place! At the same time, they searched for designers by looking at “so-cial media pages, previous show groups and design academies”. Once that was finalised models were then casted (which included another IBCoM student) and they were then “matched with the designers needs and the description of their collections”. The team also looked for makeup artists and found hairstylists from the TONI&GUY salon who did an an amazing job on all the models’ hairstyles. To finish off, photographers and videogra-phers were also found. Though it was a long process, Goda acknowledged how it was “really rewarding”and allowed for her and her team to “gain a lot of experience”.

Congrats to the events managing team, the designers and models for presenting a nice fas-hion show! The New Fashion Society bridges the fashion world with the business world, so if you have interests in these two things, I definitely recommend attending one of their events or becoming a member of their association.

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