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Surviving the last term and making the most out of it

Surviving the last term and making the most out of it

So much can change in a year. For first year students, this time last year we were either all in high school getting ready for our final exams, or were studying a completely different course; whilst this time this year, term four has officially begun and we are almost done with the first year of our study! For third year students, this time last year they were starting their internships, whilst now they are writing their final bachelor thesis and getting prepared to finish IBCoM after three years of hard work.

A lot can change, and it goes unrecognized and taken for granted. But rather than reflecting on the past and maybe what the future may hold, let’s focus on the present and how we can make the most of the 10 weeks we have left in the  IBCoM program before the summer and BA-2 starts or master studies, a potential job or a possible gap year for the third year students begins.


Here are 7 ways to survive the last term and make the most out it:

1// Stay organised!

Staying organised is the way to make sure you have time to do fun things and actually enjoy the study instead of doing things last minute and stressing about it later on as readings, assignments, and group projects accumulate on your todo list. This is easier said than done, but trying it out won’t hurt. Stay organised, work hard and finish strong!

2// Enjoy the outdoors

Hopefully when the sun decides to make another appearance in The Netherlands again, go out and enjoy the good weather and great vibes. Use the outdoors as study spots and go on picnics, enjoy the lake at Kralingse Plas, the river Maas or the beaches in The Hague, outdoor pubs, and so much more. Find a good balance between studying and having fun. Once the sun is out there is so much to do so make sure you benefit from it.

3//  Don’t stop making connections

You may already have your group of friends, but making new connections and friendships, is never a bad idea! Not only will it benefit you, it will benefit them as well. They don’t all have to be from IBCoM necessarily. The campus is filled with many students, studying a variety of things so the possibilities are endless!

4// Attend as many free events as possible

Facebook is a hub for social events as you all probably know, so why not say yes to all – if not some – of the Facebook invites you’ve gotten lately as well as try/ visit the suggested events Facebook recommends.

5// Do the most stereotypical university thing you can think of

Especially for the third year students, since for some of you the university and student life might come to an end as you slowly enter the “adult world”, use these last moments to truly embrace every aspect of the student life and all that comes with it.

6// Join student associations

Specifically for first year students, apply for positions in student association for BA-2. Not only are student associations a good way to socialise, they are also great for your resume. Early bird gets the worm, so starting early and signing up now will save you the time and stress during the application season next school year. Signing up now will also make you feel like you somewhat have your life together and it will also be something to look forward to for next year.

7// Plan a big trip with all your friends

Having an end goal will bring you motivation to finish successfully. Planning a trip and all the activities you can do during your travels is fun and exciting; and it is also something to anticipate after all the hard work is done!

Hope these tips help you survive the last term!

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