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Media & Business Symposium 2017

Media & Business Symposium 2017


If you didn’t manage to grab tickets to the Media and Business symposium, you missed out on a lot of incredible information that would show you the multiple sides of the Business industry in a way that is relevant – even to first year IBCoM students!

Filled with attention-grabbing presentations and panel discussions, this symposium brought together the best of the communicational facet of business, and introduced great speakers who definitely inspired anyone who was in the crowd, listening to them.

Pascal Boucle’s (Senior VP and CSO at MSLGROUP) presentation, for example, focused on technology integration in business, more specifically the impact of Artificial Intelligence technology in business innovation. He identified the most popular concerns of the masses regarding AI technology (many of which surround Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot”), and further introduced the notion of how communication between customers and businesses has become easier (and more frequent) due to this technology. Boucle also discussed the integration of Virtual Reality technology in the news industry – you’ve seen those 360° videos or photos on your Facebook timeline – and how that creates a deeper emotional response from audiences because they feel more involved.

The panel discussion introduced many questions from the audience – some of the most striking regarded the commercialization of the health industry, or more specifically, towards the Philips Benelux diversification in the health and healthcare industry sectors. Many pitched in with their concerns regarding how this will impact which products hospitals recommend to patients, and Nanda Huizing (Head of Brand, Communications, and Digital) gracefully answered to all these concerns. It was interesting to see the discussion between media professionals and media students and educators, and to see how concerns regarding AI ‘replacing’ jobs for ‘actual people’ sparked lively debate.

IBCoM students who aren’t completely sure of the direction they want to take with their degree definitely benefited from this symposium greatly, as the discussions prompted the pros and cons of the industry from all ends. It discussed the ability to take a communications degree that seemingly isn’t as prestigious as other for some, and showcased how versatile and essential it can be in just one industry sector. The innovative processes occurring – and that might occur – in the future may seem in the hands of  the physics and robotics departments, but the ways they’re incorporated and used by industries relies on those who can see beyond just machines.

Apart from many presentations and guest lectures regarding how communication works wonders in many industries, the event also included a master media thesis award session and a panel in which Alumni of the of the business and media master program came to discuss their struggles and successes after graduating.


As people who have gone through what some of us might ultimately experience they gave many tips. Starting with job applications they all proclaimed that to find a job it is important to just start somewhere and ultimately follow your passions and delve deep. Although it is challenging, apply to whatever job that fits you and try the best from every situation. An applicable skill you learn from all of this is resilience and it is essential to go through that. All skills you learn at university really come into play in real life. Additionally, experiences, extracurricular activities, networks, passion and trying out new things are all very important. One thing to remember is that it all takes time, it does not mean you are not good.

This advice, although coming from alumni’s who have already done their bachelors and masters, is very relevant and important to take in, especially for BA-2 students applying for exchange as well as BA-3 students who are considering joining the job market after their graduation.

The successful event ended with a networking hour at the pavilion, where attendees got to enjoy tasty snacks and drinks as well as talk to the speakers. Asking guests how they enjoyed the events, I was inundated with positive reviews and remarks about how much was learned and how useful and interesting the tips were.




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