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The Resurrection of Polak

The Resurrection of Polak


After months of deliberating to find study spaces, finding quiet hidden spots that would eventually be found by others, and the opening of the P-Building with multiple silent study rooms, the wait is almost over.

The Polak building, well known and loved by all Erasmus students, even more so after its abrupt evacuation mid-October, will be back to support all the eager students starting the 3rd of April. The building was closed for renovations after it was made aware that its floor construction was similar to the one at Eindhoven Airport which collapsed May of 2017. To counteract this, steel beams were added to reinforce the floor at Polak, and currently the building is being cleaned out for its reopening.

Over 600 study spaces and multiple tutorial rooms will open on the 3rd, but the rest of the shops will trickle in slowly. Hairdesign by Lydia will arrive first, and then on the 23rd of April the Copyshop, Randstad, and the Study Store will re-locate into Polak. Make sure not to forget those dates in case you have to print an assignment or two from the Copyshop!

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© Tim Van de Velde

Many students are relieved with the reopening after the months of deliberating to find study spaces, and with the influx of exchange and HBO students that too need places to study. Furthermore, the beautiful piece of architecture (although some contest) has been missed by students for its aesthetically pleasing backdrop for not just studying, but also Instagram photoshoots. I, personally, am excited to walk through the slightly confusing staircases to look for spaces, which will be filled up almost immediately as I close in on them. So, may the odds be ever in your favor.

pasted image 0So look out on your social media – Instagram stories and Snapchat stories – for more shots of the beautiful building, be ready for more accessible study areas where there are available charging ports. But beware, finding spots is still going to be a cutthroat competition so make sure to try to get spots as early as possible and take care of your belongings while you are there. To make your life easier, try to use the EUR Study Rooms app (iOS and Android) to find the optimum times to study in the spots you most desire.




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