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Internship Insights: A Fashion Internship From a Different Perspective by Lotte Janse

Internship Insights: A Fashion Internship From a Different Perspective by Lotte Janse

The Internship Insights series is a set of featured authors writing about their internship experiences during the COVID-19 crisis in 2020. The first piece of this mini-column is Lotte Janse, doing her internship with Modefabriek. Enjoy!

As soon as I started my Communication and Media bachelor, I knew that I wanted to intern at a fashion company. Finding an internship in the industry of fashion is quite challenging, but it is definitely possible! I would recommend starting on time, and to not give up. As the industry is pretty hectic, it is hard to get in touch with the companies, even when you apply for an internship.  A lot of companies do not respond to your mails as they receive numerous amounts per day and you will have to send them a lot of follow-ups. On top of that, fashion companies often search for interns that are able to stay for six months or longer but you might be lucky and find an internship that lasts for around three months.

After having sent my application to several fashion companies, Modefabriek, a procreative and inspiring fashion trade event based in Amsterdam, offered me a three-month internship. From the beginning, the company sensed a feeling of interest and enthusiasm which was something I was looking for.  I applied for the marketing and communication position by directly sending a mail to the company. Within a couple of days, I got a pleased response and was invited to have an interview and two weeks later, I was hired! Initially, my tasks would include to market and communicate the upcoming event of Modefabriek. The event is a mash-up of brand presentations, expos, stores, talks, food & drinks, music – and more. Due to COVID-19, the event had to be canceled but Modefabriek still gave me the opportunity to start my internship, but of course, it would have a bit of a different perspective.

Since the company had to cancel the upcoming event, they had to provide a place where businesses and professionals from the industry could network with each other. Modefabriek will launch a B2B platform around the beginning of July, something the company has been working extremely hard on. Instead of organizing the biannual events, the company has been focusing on creating online opportunities for professionals. As an intern, my tasks changed significantly. For example;  

  • I deliver content Modefabriek publishes on their social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • I set up an online community through Facebook where professionals could already connect with each other before the launch of the new platform. 
  • I have been involved in different researches regarding how to improve Modefabriek’s presence among the world wide web, and how to effectively communicate Modefabriek’s message through the use of social media.

As the focus of the company went from offline events to an online platform, I had to change my mindset as well. Instead of working at the office, I have been working from my home in Mexico. Even though it is quite challenging, and a different internship than initially expected, I truly believe that this opportunity made me grow in my area of interest and as a person. I learned how to keep myself motivated to deliver quality work during a worldwide pandemic. Furthermore, due to my internship, I was able to really understand how important social media is for companies. It is something I learned during IBCoM, however, I got the chance to observe it in a real-life situation. Also, as I got asked to complete some researchers regarding the target audience and tone of voice of the company through social media, I was able to apply my IBCoM knowledge.

I believe that IBCoM did prepare me for the internship in the best way possible as I am more confident in applying my knowledge towards the company. All in all, because of this incredible internship opportunity, I understand how important it is to be able to rely on and trust people to make the best out of the current pandemic situation we are in. Not only when it comes to still be successful as a company, but also when it comes to friendships. It is always important to strive for the best outcome possible!

Author: Lotte Janse
Editor: Kat Nivera

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