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Types of People in IBCoM – Exam Season Edition

Types of People in IBCoM – Exam Season Edition

DISCLAMER: This post does not strive to put people into boxes – it is only meant to be a jest. We hope not to offend anyone. Enjoy!

With the end of the exam week, many of you may have noticed just how different everyone has been during – and after – the exams. Unlike the first term, where everyone was either figuring out how to study – or remembering their ability to study – you can now finally see just what specific people are like.

  1. That annoying friend who has been on top of everything.

They’ve been on track with the readings, they’ve already started preparing early. They seem to know the answers to everything. They’re making everyone else a bit insecure. 

2. That one person who hasn’t studied at all but will still get a 9

How can one person be this smart? Is it a photographic memory? Efficient study sessions? Oddly effective cramming? What is this person made of? Why can’t I be this person?

3. The one that has already given up and is ready to do a resit

Sometimes it takes more than a term to really understand the topic. It’s the knowledge that matters, not the speed at which it is gained, anyway. Right?

4. The one that’s in the university everyday studying but still gets nothing done 

They always have 10 posts on their Instagram story of them studying. You just can’t be sure if that’s real the method that works. Man, maybe you could’ve gotten the study room they’re in right now. 

Even more interesting the the multitude of ways people spend the time post-exam – especially when there is an accidental break before the start of the next term. 

1. The one that’s probably forgotten what it’s like to wake up before 13.00

2. The one who has left Rotterdam to travel to other places 

Their social media is full of pictures of blue-ass water and white ass beaches or other ‘exotic’ countries like Morocco or… well, Belgium.  

Me? With a suitcase filled with nothing else but clothes that need to be washed, I’m headed to Turkey. I’m not going to my home city – but Bolu, to ski with my family. It’s not the steepest skiing area, but the quality of the ski roads are amazing. My parents surprised me with a reservation for this short break and I’ve been excited for it throughout the exam season – who wouldn’t be? 

3. The one that still has classes and assignments 

They signed up for this. Enjoy your electives while I enjoy this break. 

4. The one that stays in Rotterdam but complains about it 

Maybe you’re not out of the country – but you’ve got some extra cash and a whole lot of places to visit with your friends (or venture out on your own)! Check out the last issue of IBCoMagazine for some inspiration

I hope these days are full of fun for you, because, well… Term 3 is waiting for us! 

Author: Zeyneb and Ayesha
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