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Humans of IBCoM – Rachel Flier

Humans of IBCoM – Rachel Flier


untitled shoot-5252Second years are struggling through their internship, and third years are finishing up IBCoM by writing their thesis. Within this busy period, we were happy that Rachel found the time in her packed schedule to talk with us for this week’s Human of IBCoM.

As an ambassador, Rachel has guided and talked to innocent high school kids across campus to make them as enthusiastic about IBCoM as she is herself. “Sometimes you see someone at the beginning of the day who is doubting between maybe two or several studies. And then throughout the day they start to ask more questions and become seriously interested in the program. Seeing them become so enthusiastic is really great.”

“It is also a bit about selling. Usually, at the end I tell them they can contact me on Facebook whenever they have a question or need help with their application. There are some people who then reach out to me, which is really amazing. You can see what you are doing it for and that it really helps.”

Her origins are in a very small town in the Veluwe, in the Netherlands. A town, as she described, with “more cows than inhabitants”. After living in Rotterdam for three years, she developed a new appreciation for this calm place. “When I was younger I thought it was quiet and boring. However, now I can actually enjoy the quietness. It is a nice place to go to escape the big city. Ever since I moved to Rotterdam I have started to appreciate my ‘the Veluwe’ more.”

Besides her studies, her work as ambassador and her social life, she is also part of two committees of the rowing association Skadi, of which one she is the chairwoman of, taking Spanish lessons, and has started her internship with the Dutch political party VVD. She gladly explained how she can do it all, with a big smile on her face. “I have always been busy. I want to be doing things and meet up with people. I actually need to have people around me. I secretly enjoy hard work and pushing myself. With the committees, Spanish lessons and running every now and then… I like improving myself, both physically and mentally.”

But working in politics, as she is now doing with her internship, has not always been her dream. “When I was little my dream was to become a fashion designer! My dad thought it was very funny and he bought me a sewing machine. I absolutely loved it. My aunt has taught me sewing, since she is very creative in these things.”

“I cannot make my own clothes and I don’t want to be a designer anymore. IBCoM is my new dream. However, in my former room here in Rotterdam I had sown my own curtains and I can fix a loose button, a broken collar or take in a dress.” Now that is a skill that is actually useful!

Ambitious, driven, enthusiastic or just too much energy? One thing is for sure: Rachel made a good decision coming to the city, because this is the place for her. With something going on in every corner, life is never still or dull, and neither is she.

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