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IBCoM Awards 2017

IBCoM Awards 2017


Thursday night, I got the opportunity to attend IBCoM’s own, Oscar inspired, award ceremony, known as the IBCoM AWARDS. ACE’s 7th edition of this red carpet event took place at a cosy theatre located in Rotterdam’s Bibliotheek, where seats were filled with ladies and gentlemen dressed in fancy suits and beautiful dresses, excitedly waiting to see if the nominees they had voted for were going to win awards.


The night began with the hosts Bjorn Merckx and Anouk Bosman, performing their own rendition of High School Musical’s Breaking Free to welcome and hype up the audience. In between jokes, banter and anecdotes, and just before the multiple award announcements, audience members got to enjoy live performances from IBCoM students who got to showcase their singing talents.

The first award of the night was “Life of the Party”, which was went to first year student France Preechawitayakul. Her thank you speech gave a shoutout to her parents who used to be party animals as well. The award for “Most Inspiring Course” went to International and Global Communication and the award for “Best Summary Maker” went to second year student, Clement Taffin, who won for the second time in a row. Another nominee who celebrated her win for the second time, was Marguise Stearn who won the award for “Midnight Warrior”. Though she still has to get her “shit together” and not study last minute, she felt like a winner as she took her trophy home.

The first act of the night was Zazala Quist, another first year student’s performance of “Feeling good”. Since her pianist unfortunately could not make it, she sang acapella whilst the clapping and stomping of the audience members served as a background beat. Her soulful and raw performance led to her winning an award at the end of the night for “Best Talent”.

The other performers, Lisa Stam & Syarif, Monica Spelbrink and the band Sailing, all did an amazing job as well. There was also a surprise act from the winner of last year’s Best Talent award, Jarek Pietas, who Facebook livestreamed his performance of a song he wrote six hours before the event.


The remaining awards of “Most Local Exchange student” went to Miguel Majo Boter and the “Rising Star lecturer” award went to Julia de Vogel who was happy to have won the award, but considerately shared it with nominee Willemijn Dortant. The “Creative Media Genus” went to second year student, Joshua Kruter, the “Fashionista” award went to second year student Samar Ahmed and the “Mr. Sunshine” award went to first year student Peter Moane, who gave a shout out to his dog. Lastly, the “Alumni Award” went to Christoph van Rosenthal, who came all the way from Barcelona. Not only was he happy to have won an award, but he was also grateful and pleasantly surprised that this award ceremony that started 7 years ago in 2010 still continuous today.

The event ended with an after drink at Bokaal Rotterdam, where winners were congratulated and celebratory pictures could be taken. Winners as well as the other nominees went home happy and guests left feeling inspired to join the IBCoMmitee and make the event spectacular for next year.

Did you attend the IBCom Awards!? If so, what was your favorite part? If you unfortunately could not make it, make sure you do so next time!

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