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Lines & Dots – A Poem for the Soul

Lines & Dots – A Poem for the Soul

It all began with a dot

It’s wondrous, to say the least

It stretched across the page

Until a line was drawn


A boundary, a hurdle, a growth

Call it what you may

A line might seem mighty but

It always starts with a dot


Dot by dot we go 

collecting experiences 

Although it’s for you to judge

A perception – is it good or bad?


A perception which simply directs

The way you write the remaining story

and sets the tone 

for the line that is drawn


So, save your best dots

And discard the rest

Remember to draw lines of growth

Don’t forget, it all starts with a dot 🙂 


Written by: Nimrat Kaur

Visuals by: Aniela Jewtuch

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