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Movie recommendations for quarantine times

Movie recommendations for quarantine times

As many people I know are in quarantine recently, I decided to write this blog in order to give them a source of entertainment to stay positive or even learn something new during this time. Here is a short complication of movies or dramas that I recommend: 

Detective movies 

I would not dive deeply into the plot to prevent spoilers. However, to give you an overview of the movies, it is indeed a mixture of creativity, making you thrilled until the last moment. It is a good balance between laughter, critical thinking and surprises prompting people to crave for a bit more of it. 

Movie suggestions: Sherlock Holmes, Kingsman.


This is my favorite genre of films. It helps relieve stress after a long day at school, which is a relatively great source of entertainment to boost one’s mood during these quarantine days. My most recommended movies from this list are ATM: Er Rak Error and A Little Thing Called Love. Both are from Thailand. As a kingdom of smiles, Thai comedies are famous for their sensitivity in humor as well as numerous plot twists.  

A Little Thing Called Love brings us back to secondary and high school days where we had our first love. We tried to be the better versions of ourselves in order to impress whom we had a crush on. The movie indeed resembles a cute song with fascinating melodies to keep us hooked. We can see ourselves in the anticipation of the main characters waiting on each others’ responses and could feel sad a moment later when we realized they actually liked someone else. 

ATM: Er Rak Error, on the other hand, focuses more on romance and humorous scenes in a corporate level whereby an ATM of a bank was broken, leading to many people receiving a huge amount of money unconditionally, causing a huge loss to the corporation. The main characters are lovers put on the same task to take back such an amount of money, triggering comical moments when they have to choose between love and work, which means going against each other with childish tactics. 


Family-related movies 

Living abroad by myself, I sometimes long for the scent of a warm meal at home or the humor of watching little kids bickering around. Those moments might be trivial; However, when we are abroad, they are the precious memories that keep us going whenever things get hard. My favorite movie in this list is The Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan. It has an amusing storyline in which the twins – the main characters in the movie, did not even know about the other’s existence as they were separated since birth. After discovering that they were biological sisters at a summer camp, the twins decided to switch places in order to meet their mother and father in person for the first time in their lives as well as hopefully bring them back together. 

Movies of these types do not only generate laughter but also bring us closer to our roots thanks to the meaningful lessons behind humorous scenes. 

Movie suggestions: The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, 17 Again, Instant Family. 


Career/work-related movies 

These types of movies give a glimpse of worklife, how to deal with relationships in the workplace or manage pressure. The Internship shows how it is to work at one of the Silicon Valley’s giants – Google. There are colorful “cocoons” inside the company for employees to relax, take a nap or complete their work. The Intern, on the other hand, shows the life of a 60-year-old intern – the most special employee at a fashion company, how he deals with generation gap, bridges such differences and thrives in a fast-paced environment despite being the oldest staff in the company. The movie encourages people to stay positive. In my case, it truly motivates me to continuously be the better version of myself because you don’t know how far you could reach until you start your first step. 

Movie suggestions: The Internship, The Intern, The Devil wears Prada. 


Author: Ellie Duong Dao 

Editor: Phoebe Elliott

Visuals by: Isabella Restrepo

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