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Summer: The Time in Between

Summer: The Time in Between

I am sitting on my balcony in the sun, recovering from Covid, for the second time, after completing an intense music festival back home. Excitement is sneaking up on me. Little butterflies come bringing messages of hope to my gut and brain. Excitement to enter my second year of uni and take one step further in the field of Communication and Media.

It took me two weeks to leave my exams and the stress behind. Considering the hard work that my first year of uni has been, two weeks seems like such little time… I must acknowledge that these are not just any two weeks, but two weeks of fun, filled with family and friends, which could explain the relative ease with which they passed by. 

I also really tried to allow myself to let uni and its related responsibilities fade into the background, and I think I succeeded. With the outlook that uni will stay in the distance for a while, it somehow seems easier to stay relatively relaxed. Leaving the worries of apartments and plans aside. 

Perhaps the soft goodbye that a summer break is, allowed me to remember what excites me about my study. It comes so naturally now to think about next year and all of its possibilities. The internship that I get to choose. The subjects I will pick. The direction in which I am headed. 

This is what summers are for. Besides the beautiful nights, the drinks, and the beaches, summer is for finding yourself for a quick moment again. This probably involves some boredom and frustration, but when I am on the right track, it brings me the energy I need to take on yet another year and make it my very best.

I feel the motivation. Knowing that more jobs and assignments are coming my way as long as I keep embracing the challenges. And knowing that I can continuously grow my creativity. Those are the things that keep me going. And those are the challenges that will keep me busy, once another summer of lovely times has passed by. 


Author: Monique Veni Jørgensen

Editor: Phoebe Elliott

Visuals by: Thanh Nguyen 

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