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Spring Cleaning in Quarantine Season!

Spring Cleaning in Quarantine Season!

Springtime is back baby! Though, we can all admit that it hasn’t been the spring season we had hoped for. Not exactly the “let’s have a picnic in the park” sort of situation either. We should still embrace the clear skies and hot weather (on occasion if you’re currently in Rotterdam) but inside our own homes.

Something I love to do during this time is clean out my room and spring clean! In my case, spring cleaning is decluttering my living space, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and adding an element of spring to my room. Having done this for the last couple of years of my life, I have developed a sort of guide for myself, which I’d love to share with all of you. I hope this article serves you well in your endeavors to conquer your room this quarantine season.

Declutter your living space.
Decluttering your living space not only makes it visually more appealing, but it also serves as a way to clear your mind. During this time, it is essential to keep a clear mind and living space, so we can actually be productive at home.

1. One space at a time
Start by clearing out one space at a time! For instance, if you’re planning to start in your kitchen, make sure to complete that before moving onto the next space. Make a list of the spaces you’d want to do first. Doing this will ensure that your decluttering stays neat and in order, you’ll even feel more accomplished once you’re done with a single space.

2. Keep, throw, share
When clearing out your belongings, there are three ways you can deal with them. 1) Keep – essentially meaning that you still need it and desire to use it. 2) Throw – you no longer need this item and it is also in bad shape 3) Share – if you decide to throw an item away, but it is still in good shape, why not pass it along to friends and family?

3. Organize
After sorting through your belongings, organise them in a neat, and kept manner. A way to recycle old candles jars is to use them as containers to keep your items.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
Decluttering and changing the way your room looks is one of the elements of spring cleaning, another aspect we must not neglect is the cleanliness of our rooms.

4. Squeaky clean
Wipe down any surfaces with antibacterial sprays and wipes, to ensure that the area is clean. You can even try a natural spray by mixing white vinegar, lemon, and essential oils.

Spring in my room
This is purely for the aesthetics of the room, to add a little brightness and life into it, after cleaning and clearing out your stuff.

5. Add little elements of life into your room
I personally love flowers on my desk, on my bedside table, and anywhere that I’m able to place them. Plants work as well, and it adds elements of nature and life to your surroundings, making it a peaceful environment where you can be productive throughout the day.

I hope these tips help you out with this quarantine season. I know it has definitely helped me stay productive throughout these hard times, especially when it comes to keeping track of work. A clear space equals a clear mind and I hope that everyone is able to achieve this!

 Author: Aisya Roslan
Editor: Kat Nivera

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