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Internships, A Guide

Internships, A Guide

With fourth term almost knocking on our doors, us second year IBCoM students are starting to get closer to the scary, but exciting internship period.

Some of you might already have a secure intern spot in your favourite company, others are yet to start applying, and then there’s people like me who check their inbox every second in hope that someone was impressed enough to reply. Whatever your situation is, here’s a guide to help you nail your internship and possibly be rewarded with a full-time job when the time comes.

One of the first tips I’ve been given and which I’m passing on to you, is do your research. Instead of going into the unknown on your first day, get to know the company and the expectations of your role beforehand. Everyone loves an intern who doesn’t need babysitting.

Another useful tip is challenge yourself. Reflect on your learning and do not stick to doing the same thing all over again, that’s when work starts to get boring. Always challenge yourself to learn something new and show your boss he can trust you with various tasks. Try to take on more responsibility than expected – do not overwork yourself, but show them your initiative for progress.

Another thing I found really important in my previous internship experience is to take minutes. Everyone hates them but not you. Be smart and offer to take minutes of the gatherings every time. Not only will you have the privilege to attend every important meeting, you will also have all the essential information discussed and at one point or another, you’ll be the one reminding your boss about that important project.

One other thing you must consider when being an intern is asking for feedback. Not only did my supervisor use to email me short bullet points as feedback after every work day, he also asked me to do the same for him. Regular feedback from your boss and colleagues – be it formal or informal – can really help you notice your flaws and improve your development.

Want to be taken seriously? Treat it like a real job. Show your commitment by showing up to work on time, staying longer if needed and go that extra mile to stand out. Even though you are an intern, you still have an impact on the company, so make sure it’s going to be an amazing one.

Stay off Snapchat! Save personal social media for your lunch break, it isn’t going anywhere and your friends already know you’re a busy human being, even without a Snap of your coffee in the office.

Last but not least, a tip you must have heard a thousand times is network. Get to know the important and influential people in your company. Try making a conscious effort to build quality relationships and make connections throughout the company, you never know who you may meet that could possibly support you in the future.

All of the above said, may the internship universe be with you and may your boss be a little nicer than Miranda Priestly.

Author: Nicoleta
Editor: Ayesha

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