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Where to go during Festival Season

Where to go during Festival Season


The few months of spring leading up to summer and the summer months themselves are known as Festival Season in The Netherlands and our bordering countries. Also during this time, this wonderful country has many national holidays and days free from university (jeej!) for us to party!

Here’s a lineup of some cheap, fun festivals near or in Rotterdam for you to check out.

Kingsnight – 26 April 2018

This is the evening before the King’s birthday and so many parties already start then.

  • TIKTAK Kingsnight in Maasilo, Rotterdam €29,98
  • La Rêve – A Night of Kings in Q-factory, Amsterdam €16,39


Kingsday – 27 April 2018

One of the biggest party days of the year as it is a national holiday, celebrating King Willem Alexander’s birthday.

  • Oranjebitter at Euromast Park, Rotterdam €34,30


  • Kroon Festival at Willemsplein, Rotterdam €16,25


  • Dancetour at Spuiboulevard, Dordrecht FREE


Liberation Day – 5 May 2018

The fifth of May is also a day for celebration as the whole of the Netherlands was liberated by the French and the British in the Second World War.

  • Bevrijdingsfestival in Euromast Park, Rotterdam FREE


  • Thuishaven 5 Years in Thuishaven, Amsterdam €15




  • Expedition Festival in Vroesenpark, Rotterdam €22

7th of July (13:00-23:00)

  • Triangle x Woest & Wild Festival in Roel Langerakpark, Rotterdam €29.50

21st of July (12:00-23:00)

  • Crazy Sexy Cool Festival in Zuiderpark, Rotterdam €25

4th of August 2018 (12:00-23:00)


So make the most of your days off by going to one of these fun events. Fingers crossed that the weather will be okay!


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