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The New Library: Have You Studied There Yet?

The New Library: Have You Studied There Yet?

Post26.6You probably have realized that the library on campus is open again! After 2.5 years of renovating the old building and relocating study spaces and books, the university library finally opened its doors again on Monday! Obviously in the days that followed, the library was packed with everyone wanting to check out the new studying and meetings spaces. I visited the library myself a couple times this week also get a good look of this new space.

Immediately when you walk in you realize that there is so much natural light flooding the space, but then when walking up the stairs you realize that that’s not all. But what you might not realize is that so many different study spaces are created for different needs. Here’s a little rundown of what I discovered by just walking around.

  1. Comfy chairs

You notice quite quickly that there are big comfortable chairs scattered around the library in circles. These are very useful if you need a break from studying and take a nap or for having group meetings.

  1. Large tables

On the outskirts of the library space, near the windows, larger tables have been placed; some with PC’s stationed on them, others just have power points for your own laptops. Again these kinds of tables might come in handy when working on a bigger project with more people.

  1. Individual spots

The spaces mentioned above can of course also be used individually, but there are also specially designed spaces for one student to fully be able to concentrate. Up on the top floor, around the barrier looking down over the library, these tables have been created so that again every student has two power points, but within his or her own designated space.

  1. Complete silence or some chitchat?

Lastly, what you might not realize when first visiting the library is that it has two wings. As you enter the building you arrive in the more casual side of the library. But when you go through the doors with the massive letters of SILENCE written on them, you come in the entirely silent zone of the library. Where again different kinds of study spaces are created, but where everybody actually is deadly quiet. Prefect for if you need that kind of environment to study.


The new library seems like a very well thought out and functional space. The new furniture is comfortable and the division of the silent zones is really convenient. The library even at nighttime (yes I was still there at 10:30 pm working on an essay) is comfortable and calming to work in.

I would highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already! And if you want a good study spot come early to uni or go later in the evening, because during the day it can be packed!


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