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The IBCoMpanion Bowling Event

The IBCoMpanion Bowling Event


Last Wednesday, the IBCoMpanions hosted a bowling competition for the first year students. IBCoMpanions Sara, Hilal and Demi, together with progamme coordinator Indira Gerards, organized the event by making sure the time and date was chosen, the lanes were booked, and tickets sold.

Unfortunately, the ticket sales were a little slow to start, so most IBCoMpanions had to motivate their group of students to come and hang out at this social event.

Upon arrival, everyone got going to ordering drinks – after the nicknames had been recorded on the screens and selfies made, the real game started.

Most people played in their friend groups, and it was a serious battle! Not only to become the best team, but also to beat each other. Even the IBCoMpanions got in on the fun, battling against each other by throwing the most strikes.

The first year students expressed to me that they hadn’t been bowling since they were kids at their friend’s birthday parties. These used-to-be professionals at the sport were now struggling not to get the bowling ball in the gutter or to hit at least one pin. But after a beer and encouragement from friends, most did manage to swing the ball in the right direction and hit some high scores.

The idea came from the fact that last year some IBCoMpanion groups had gone bowling as a socializer and this was very fun. So this year, the IBCoM staff with the help of Sara, Hilal and Demi decided to organize something similar, but for the whole first year class.

In the end, it was a really fun activity for socializing with friends and maybe even meeting some new people! Had more tickets been sold, the fun probably would have lasted for another hour, but one full hour of bowling tired most people out.

As the cherry on top, the IBCoMpanions announced which teams had gotten first, second and third place. The winning team got a grand prize of 20 euros to spend at Paviljoen.


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