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Blue: A Short Self-Reflection

Blue: A Short Self-Reflection

My name is Lam. And Lam, in Vietnamese (well I’m Vietnamese hehe), represents the colour blue, which is why I embrace this colour in almost all of its presence. I like the bright blue sky, the blue aquatic sea and all the rest of the blueish pops in my everyday life. Blue is a beautiful colour, it brings me joy, and hope and boosts my confidence whenever I associate myself with this colour. 

Until recently, this colour that I adore directed me to very specific emotions and reminded me of some memories I hold very close to my heart – Three Colors: Blue is the first movie of the trilogy Three Colors. The movie is about the grieving life of a widow who lost her husband and children in an accident. I watched that movie on the first day of the week – hence whenever I think of this movie, I associate it with the phrase “Monday Blues”. Monday Blues is an expression which is used to describe the negative feelings when some people restart their work or school routine

It is the start of the week – everyone hates Monday and so do I. Wanting to elevate the rest of my day by choosing a movie that has my favourite colour in its name (obviously blue) turned out to be something I felt really good about. After watching the movie, I realize how beautiful my colour blue is, and also how sad it is as well. 

The movie consists of blue tone shots across the frames, and it expresses the sadness of the main character of how she lost everything. There is one scene where she looks at the sapphire chandelier and the reflection of those gems reflects shapes on her face, creating a deep, underlying sadness and grief on her face, just by using that colour. 

As soon as I finished the movie, I looked outside my window. The sky was still blue but unlike the bright blue sky that I always loved, the atmosphere also had a greyish undertone as the day began to melt into the evening, almost resembling the sadness of the whole movie. 

At that moment, I realized another thing, my favourite colour also contains many other emotions, and the more I embrace it, the more I can also discover my true myself ~

Written by: Lam Ngoc Do 

Editor: Nimrat Kaur

Visuals by: Preslava Ploshtakova

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