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Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

Now that we have been graced with a week of sun in the rainy Netherlands, I’m getting really excited for it to be summer.  Even though summer doesn’t technically start for another month, I’m still going to write about it. 

Summer is filled with nostalgia for me. It is that time of the year when the sun rises early and sets late. You have the whole day to do what you want. It reminds me of the times I played outside for ages, or all the beach trips, picnics and walks around the city I went on with my friends. It’s the season in which I say goodbye to my hay fever and hello to vacations. 

I know I am not the only one when I say that I am really excited for all the trips I planned. It is the feeling of going back to being a child and not having any responsibilities.  

Even though summer is not my favorite season, the fact that the sun shines all the time and we are able to walk around without jackets or umbrellas all the time, makes my love for this season all the bigger. 

I associate summer with summer break. It is the season of enjoying a stress-less mind. After almost a whole year of school and projects and readings and assignments that were handed in one minute before the deadline, the finish line is in sight. For all my fellow first years,  can you believe that we will be second years in September? We will no longer be newbies. Some of us are even helping out the actual newbies as an IBCoMpagnion. 

This last year feels like it has flown by. We only have about a month to go until we make our final exams. Even though that’s pretty close (not trying to scare anybody) to me it still seems in the distance. We had a lot of free days to enjoy this term and even if we had quite some assignments it still feels like I did not do that much this term. Which makes me want to reach the end of this school year even faster.  

I think the sun being out makes everyone more excited in general to go out and do fun things. Having a beach day, going to the lake, walking around town, having a picnic, going out and the list goes on. I know that my excitement might be a bit premature since we will have a lot more rainy days until the 21st of june and we still have exams to make and assignments to finish. Nonetheless, I hope that everyone has something fun or exciting planned that they can work towards when finishing up this last term. Even if you are having a hard time right now, hopefully the fact that we are wrapping up gives you some excitement as well.


Author: Gauri Isha Ghisai

Editor: Phoebe Elliott

Visuals by: Lam Ngoc Do

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