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To enjoy the little things

To enjoy the little things

Sometimes it can be difficult to remain positive. Especially during the times  we are currently living in, it is not unusual to feel overwhelmed or frustrated. On such days, it is important to try  and put everything into perspective. This is why lately I have been trying to adopt some new habits that would give some more ‘rhythm’ to the day and would give me a sense of fulfilment, even during the laziest and most boring days. In this blogpost, I would like to share these easily manageable habits with you!

To start off with, set an alarm. No, I don’t mean that you will have to get up at 6am every morning to do 70 sit-ups. Waking up at an acceptable hour means that you will have enough  time in the morning to enjoy breakfast and quietly browse your socials while having a coffee.

This brings me to the next point, which is the importance of eating breakfast. It sounds obvious, but preparing a delicious meal and a proper cup of coffee in the morning is good for more than one reason! Getting to enjoy a self-made breakfast is the first achievement of your day! Also, eating in the morning really gets your body functioning throughout that  day. When you’re off to a good start, the rest of the day becomes easier automatically.

In addition to proper nutrition, exercise is also essential. Sometimes, lying on your couch with chocolate and chips while binging a reality soap may just be what you need, but you can’t keep doing that forever. Exercise can be intense, but it does not necessarily have to be. If you are busy with school or work, it helps to take short breaks and take a walk, do some lunges or simply do some stretching. It will put your mind at ease and give your body a break. Having said this – obtaining  a good posture has everything to do with frequent switching of poses. 

Another thing that has personally helped me greatly, is reduced screen time. I used to lose myself on discover-pages and find myself watching random TikToks on Instagram and Snaps on Facebook – nothing made sense anymore. It has been hard – I am not going to lie – but forcing myself to put down my phone for longer periods of time has given me more time for myself. This habit actually allowed me to pick up a new hobby with my spare time! 

The last habit that I picked up was something that I was really sceptical about in the beginning, but ended up being my favourite routine! Drinking a full glass of water before bed has helped me sleep better. It  works as a sort of ‘closure’ for the day and because of it, I am able to concentrate on really going to bed. I started this routine because I once read that drinking water before sleeping gives more vivid and nicer dreams, and I didn’t believe it. I am still not sure about the dreaming part, but I do know that hydrating is important and it does have many other advantages.

These habits have helped me greatly to give some structure to my days during these strange times. I am grateful to be able to share this with you, and I hope they might help you too. Keep safe and remain optimistic! 


Author: Renée Mötter

Editor: Gwendolyne Cheung

Illustrator: Lisa van der Loos  

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