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IBCoMagazine’s Goals and Plans for 2021-2022

IBCoMagazine’s Goals and Plans for 2021-2022

While we are all settling down in the 2021/2022 academic year, trying to find our way on campus, and also still enjoying the occasional Zoom meeting, IBCoMagazine has also been working hard to prepare for another year as the creative outlet of the IBCoM programme. With a new editorial board in place, we cannot wait to welcome our new team soon! You might know IBCoMagazine from our digital issues that are released four times a year, from our blog posts on our website, or the events we host. But what does IBCoMagazine have in store for you this upcoming year?

A Platform for New Ideas

IBCoMagazine, of course, continues to upload digital issues and blog posts, but we also welcome new ideas and initiatives! Creativity knows no limits, and we are more than happy to help the projects put forward by our team members become reality. Not only will IBCoMagazine be there to provide a platform, but we are also there to help you along the way. Creativity is also about developing – no idea has to be perfect on the first try. It is about trying things out, going back to the drawing board, and trying again. IBCoMagazine will be there every step of the way.

Connecting our Members

Now that most of us are back in Rotterdam and able to come to campus, we are incredibly excited to welcome our new team members in person! At IBCoMagazine, we believe that it’s the people in our team who are the main driving force behind our creative platform. Therefore, our top priority is to create an active and engaged team, by connecting members to each other and through tightening their bonds. We are already planning internal events to further promote a good team spirit and help everyone feel connected to IBCoMagazine. We are incredibly lucky to have received applications from so many talented individuals, and we want to do our part in providing ample opportunities to show our appreciation. Thus, you can expect a lot of internal team events where you can meet your fellow IBCoMagazine creatives!

All in all, this year IBCoMagazine will not only be continuing the work you are used to, but we also want to pay extra attention to giving the spotlight to our amazing team members. IBCoMagazine is run by and for Communication and Media students, and we want to make sure that our team will find themselves in a new community at IBCoMagazine. A community centered around support, where everyone is free to try new things and challenge themselves. We look forward to welcoming our IBCoMagazine family!


Author: Anisha de Vries

Editor: Phoebe Elliott 

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