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How to Wind Down After Exams

How to Wind Down After Exams

Exam season: a stressful and dark week for most university students. Stress, breakouts and emotions flying all over the place, this week is all about making it through, living in survival mode. But when that last exam ends, and you can close your laptop or walk out of the exam hall, you can finally take a deep breath. Especially after your first exam week, it can feel surreal to be able to relax after such an intense period of time. 

However, during the (too) short period in between exams and the start of the new term, it is very important to take a breather and RELAX. Taking a moment to rest is most important to start the new term refreshed and with new hopes. Some of the best ways to relax are to make time just for yourself. Take an evening where you, for example, make yourself dinner, take a nice long shower or bath, apply a relaxing face mask and watch a movie. Make sure you close your laptop and do not even dare to check the uni group chat (that is the worst thing you can do to yourself, especially during exams). 

You can also hang out with friends, play games, go out for walks, watch lots and lots of Netflix, pick up on your hobbies, read books, sleep….. There are so many things to do in this short time, but do something where you know you will feel better, more relaxed and ready to take on the new term. For me, taking a breather and walking around the city helps me most with relaxing my mind. Getting bubble tea with my roommate, getting good food that we eat with a movie or just strolling around on my own with good music. I love to walk around in the park and look at nature, taking a deep breath of fresh air to clear my mind. Make sure to listen to your body and get all the rest it needs! I do always call my parents to tell them how the exams went, but one thing I try to always avoid is actively talking to fellow students to discuss the exams. For some people it helps, however, for me it gives me extra stress, especially when their exams went amazingly and I am not that sure yet. Make sure you focus on you, and only you!

Furthermore, do not worry about the results, you cannot change anything about them now (I know these things are easier to say than to do). Taking time for yourself is most important, especially as a university student where people demand so much of you. You have already accomplished so much! Getting through a full term of hard work and finally finishing is amazing work. All the things you have learnt and all the passions you have discovered you can take with you in the next term, and in life after uni. Take time to reflect on this and take time to take it all in. As exam week has just passed, I hope you take this advice and reconsider already diving deep into uni work. 


Author: Phoebe Elliott

Editor: Anisha de Vries

Visuals by: João Antonio Raimundo Pedrozo

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