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Grandma knows best… and she knew all along

Grandma knows best… and she knew all along

Close your eyes for a second and imagine the most stereotypical grandma that you possibly know. Now open your eyes (I guess you have already since you are reading this, of course), and be amazed with the phenomenal wisdom that grandma has imparted upon all of us. 

The stereotypical grandmother. She appeared in our cartoons, in our comics, and in our television shows later on. Baking cooking, knitting scarfs, making puzzles, and naturally, always dressed very nicely. 

These hobbies and habits may have seemed old-fashioned when we were all younger. But, little did we know… grandma was a genius!

Because being the typical grandma is the perfect remedy in order to survive the current lockdown(s)!

First of all, the nice outfits. Structure is a healthy thing, so try to keep that installed. Get up at a reasonable time, take a nice shower and dress up a little. Wearing sweatpants and a hoodie (with a messy bun and woollen socks, we all get the picture) may be comfortable in the beginning, but beware not to become too comfortable in them. It does not motivate to get  any work done and to focus on schoolwork or other responsibilities when you are wearing the same outfit as the last three days – and nights. Wearing stockings and a skirt every day like your MeeMaw may be a little much (unless you like that, of course) but throwing on some jeans will already make a huge difference! It provides you with a clear distinction between relax-time and work-time, and you might feel way more productive as you are logging into your Zoom-calls, feeling  nice  and looking sharp. 

Secondly – some hobbies to keep busy! One hobby that has definitely made its comeback is knitting! Lucky for us students, the material is affordable and since you actually create something, it is not wasteful at all! For inspiration, look on YouTube as it is full of videos with different kinds of threats, knits, ribs, loops and knots. You can make scarfs, hats, pillows and if you become just as advanced as the average stereotypical Nana, you might even be able to knit your own sweater one day! But with the amount of practise needed for that, we might end up eventually knitting clothes for our own grandchildren when that happens…

Another hobby that is actually really fun and relaxing, is making puzzles. Although this hobby is still considered quite dull, my Gammy was right by doing this. I have personally been doing this for a while now, and it is even sort of therapeutic. There is a certain strategy for making puzzles, it gives a sense of purpose, and it  requires patience to complete them. You can get puzzles anywhere, too! The toy stores, book stores, good-will, and sometimes even at the library. And when you finally lay down that last piece… Now that’s a good feeling. 

The last fun hobby that  grandmothers have mastered over time is baking. However, for us it is a little easier,  because not as much craftsmanship is required from us now. Once again, look on YouTube or the Internet in general for recipes and other inspiration. You can bake delicious chocolate chip cookies, but also a healthier variant, it is all up to you. It is fun being creative and it gives a certain feeling of fulfilment and achievement when you have finally baked the perfect batch!

So, to conclude this article, chapeau to grandmothers. We knew already that they are amazing, but now we can relate to their amazing day-to-day activities as well – how fun! 

After all… Grandma knows best… and she knew all along

Author: Renée Mötter

Editor: Gwendolyne Cheung 

Illustrator: Ira Lizenko

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