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VINTED: a Blessing for Dressing (up)

VINTED: a Blessing for Dressing (up)

Have you done your shopping for this year’s fall already? Perhaps you have bought a couple of new sweaters and you fi-nal-ly got your hands on that new pair of cute boots? But… where did you get them? 

Lately, vintage has become very fashionable and trendy again. And not only vintage, but second-hand clothing in general! We all have some items in our closet that we just don’t wear anymore, but we might be able to make someone else very happy with it. There have been many initiatives to help people get new clothes for a relatively low price. For example, there are clothing swaps, vintage stores and even thrift shops where you might find gems! However, sometimes it is easier and more handy to search  online to find the exact stuff you’re looking for, instead of browsing racks of clothes for hours to eventually find something.  And this is where the topic of this blogpost is revealed to you… It’s easy, it’s quick and most importantly, it’s sustainable: it’s VINTED.

In order to convince you just how great this online marketplace is, I have asked Melissa, who lives in my own hometown– yes, the place where the metro landed on the whale – to tell you more about this secondhand clothes swapping app. 

“Hi! My name is Melissa and I am currently a pre-master student in sociology! Next year I want to do a master in metropolitan issues and policy.” 

Why did you decide to study at the EUR?

I was born and raised in Spijkenisse, which is  actually quite close to Rotterdam. Before studying at the Erasmus University, I got a degree at the Hogeschool Rotterdam in Social Work. Some of the professors told me about pre-masters at the EUR, which sounded very interesting to me and now here I am!

When and why did you start using vinted?

About a year ago I downloaded the app and started exploring it. Before Vinted I did use other apps, but I thought people asked quite a lot of money for their products. On Vinted, I am sometimes really surprised with how cheap people sell their old clothes! It really is a revelation.

What was your best purchase?

My favorite and absolute best purchase were my Tona Mora Cowboy boots. If you buy those new, you will have to pay around €300, but  I got them for only €60. They were entirely new, never worn and even still in the original packaging! 

Would you recommend this app (and why)?

Yes, without a doubt. You can buy clothes for a very friendly price, and you’re even being sustainable at that! Also, you contribute to a more environment-friendly fashion industry. A real win-win situation!

Author: Renée Mötter

Editor: Gwendolyne Cheung

Illustrator: Lisa van der Loos

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