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Graduating During Times of Crisis: IBCoM Graduation Ceremony 2020

Graduating During Times of Crisis: IBCoM Graduation Ceremony 2020

During these unordinary times, we must learn how to adapt, in many different ways. Whether this is going out with friends, going on vacation or having your graduation, one of the most important days of your life. With the new COVID-19 measures, this year’s IBCoM graduation ceremony was certainly extraordinary. The IBCoM class of 2020 had an unexpected, yet unforgettable experience as their final day being a bachelor’s student. 

Instead of a festive and big celebration, with the whole class of 2020, this year’s ceremony went a little different than usual due to the restrictions that have been going on for months now. The ceremony had to be divided for eight different groups of 10 to 15 people, who each had 30 minute time slots. The graduates could assign who they wanted in their group, in order to experience this amazing moment with their closest friends. Although the ceremony was different from the graduates’ expectations, it was certainly special. 

The graduation process was brief, but powerful. Because of the recent restrictions, the ceremony changed to a ‘diploma pick-up’ event, where small groups of students got an ‘Alumni Bag’ which included a gown and cap. To ensure everything was COVID-free, each student was assigned to a seat, all at 1.5m distance from one another. During the ceremony, speeches from two students’ were shown. For Basia, this was very special, because her friend Berdan was giving a speech. Along with this, a beautiful piano performance was shown. 

Then, the students were called on stage to take a quick photo and, of course, a group photo with the graduation caps being thrown in the air. After this, the students had to rush off the stage in order for the next group to come in. Something which is also fun to know, is that the ceremony was live streamed, meaning friends and family from all over the world could watch. To Mieke this meant a lot, considering her family from South Africa had the opportunity to watch her graduate!

Regardless of the rush and limitations that took place around this year’s ceremony, many IBCoM graduates were impressed with how the faculty took care of the situation so quickly. With many last minute changes, the ceremony was still a remarkable event. However, there are many uncertainties about how next year’s graduation for the class of 2021 will look like. Will things go back to the way they were? Or do we have to adapt to the new normal and create a new event as fun and feasible as we possibly can? It is something that the class of 2020 is unsure of either. Who knows what next year will look like? I guess we must wait and see. One thing is certain, which is that many students enjoyed the IBCoM graduation ceremony of 2020. 

So what are the next steps for the IBCoM class of 2020? These differ among the graduates. Some are ready to enter the job market, whereas others are staying a little longer at EUR to pursue a Master’s study programme. Nhu Anh, for example, is pursuing her master’s degree in media and creative industries. Some people have also decided to take a break before planning their lives any further, which is what Lotte is doing. Nonetheless of what the graduates choose their paths to be, we wish them the best of luck!


Author: Danisha Carron, Gwendolyne Cheung 

Editor: Gwendolyne Cheung 

Visuals: Mieke Liebenberg

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