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Etsy: Where Passion Meet Business

Etsy: Where Passion Meet Business

In the world of fast-fashion, large warehouses full of homey decorations and cheap bargains are everywhere. The contemporary consumer is nowadays faced with shopping options that seem to be unlimited. Therefore, it is nice to take a step back sometimes, reflecting on what we are buying and who we are supporting with that. I bet you don’t know, but neither do I. Nevertheless, there are some possibilities – very easy-to-use apps – where you can support small businesses, independent sellers  and even people with a passion. One of these platforms is Etsy.

The products on Etsy

Etsy is known for its creative vibes and widely accessible database. Whether you are looking for artsy room decorations, organic soaps or vintage wallets, you can literally buy anything on this platform. Many of these products are hand-made, one by one. This means that there is no mass-production going on, with unsold products laying around somewhere afterwards. Also, an actual person was making and preparing your order, and we can assume that this personal process was very enjoyable for those creators! Etsy is an amazing platform for us consumers to order decorations from all around the world, either local or international, all while being sustainable and supportive of our fellow people! 

The people of Etsy

Many sellers on Etsy are not full-time business-owners. There are many people with a day-job, who sell their creations as a hobby. Imagine that you are very good at painting, embroidery or knitting, and you love to do that to relax after a long day of work. However, your room or house is getting quite  full and there isn’t really much  more place to put your creations. Well, no problem, just sell it! 

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This also goes for students – like most of us – who are in need of some extra cash. Selling your creations is an easy way to earn some money, while practising your hobby – two birds with one stone! Of course, this also goes the other way around. For instance, let’s say it’s Christmas and you are looking for presents for your family and friends. You have given them Rituals last year and a Zara gift card the year before… You’re tired of finding unique gifts in the warehouses FULL of all the same decorations. Not to worry! Can you guess the solution? Right, Etsy! 

How to order from Etsy

It is very easy to order from Etsy. Just fill in your personal info and click on ‘order’. The delivery time varies per store so check that carefully before ordering. Also, make sure to check the size that you order, so that you don’t accidentally receive blankets for your cat instead of your own. Lastly, an honest tip to keep in mind: check reviews! Of course it is amazing ordering from independent sellers and supporting local business, but you also have to be careful with this. Nevertheless, Etsy does not let just anyone sell products and naturally there are certain guidelines, so with a good check yourself, you will be fine! 

In conclusion : be sustainable, be supportive and enjoy your one-of-a-kind products!

Author: Renée Mötter

Editor: Gwendolyne Cheung

Visuals Credit: SellBrite & Etsy

Visuals Editor: Allie Noguera

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