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The Power of Education

The Power of Education

Much of the content of the introduction-courses at IBCoM directly relates to our everyday lives. Misconceptions could lead people to think things that makes what we are studying easier, but in reality, it often means the opposite. It requires us to think outside of the box, and to challenge what we have accepted as normal: we learn to discern the strange in familiar.

This philosophy is central to the exhibition that is currently up for viewing at the Erasmus Paviljoen, organized by Clement Taffin, a third-year IBCoM student. It consists of a photo-series that revolves around education and how different students at EUR define it. Because, although education is something that everyone at EUR is connected to, its meaning to you personally, isn’t likely something you consider on a day-to-day basis. Viewing the different pictures made me realize that, and it made me think: What does education mean to me?


There was one photograph, or more specifically one word that first stood out to me: privilege. Since I’ve become part of the IBCoM program, I have experienced a growing awareness of exactly how lucky I am to have received this level of education. Where I was born and the conditions under which I grew up shaped my future and were in large part determined before I was even born. One of the many opportunities that this opened up for me, is being able to study at EUR. As I walked past the other pictures, there were many other words that induced a variety of different feelings and associations within me. This is exactly what Clement wants; for visitors to explore their own ideas about education and what it means to them.


The project is related to earlier work performed by Clement in high-school, as she has had a passion for photography since she was 13. The students involved in the project represent a variety of different nationalities and studies, making the topic of diversity principal to her photographs. It also links the theme individuality to that of plurality, stimulating you to consider how your own ideas and experiences intersect with those of others. The pictures are beautiful and very refreshing, showcasing a compelling underlying message. The exhibition stays up until the end of March, possibly even until April, and I recommend everyone to go and have a look!


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