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Love for coziness

Love for coziness

Winter has come, finally, and the weather is getting colder each day. Needing to wear at least four layers of clothing to go out, it has begun to seem better to stay inside rather than going out. I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely get this feeling a lot –  and this makes winter my favorite season, because I do not need to make excuses for it.

Over the year, I have become obsessed with different types of lifestyles, such as Hygge. I am not good at applying new things in my life, however, researching those lifestyles helped me effectively become “cozier”, especially in the winter.

Hygge is, in essence, the Danish people’s happiness secret. Hygge is the feeling we get when we are in our comfortable space and doing our favorite things (watching Netflix, in my case) while we are in a “cozy environment”. I read up on it, and I believe it is not applicable to every season, because the cozy feeling mentioned in the book is more about lighting candles, having a blanket and wearing oversized sweaters. My definition of Hygge refers to staying at home and chill during a cold winter day, which gives me the best feeling I can have throughout the winter.

But what can be done during our ‘Hygge sessions’? Here are the five things I do when I wanna get cosy.

    1. I make myself a dessert, like a cake or a magnolia, and prefer to choose something that takes time to cook so I can do the other things while it is getting ready. Something that takes time also lets me relax.

    2. I light a candle, of course. Candles are really important to me, because I can’t imagine a cozy day without having the smell of fresh vanilla in my nose. Trust me, I could write a whole another article just about candles.

    3. I prepare myself a cup of tea. Experimenting with different flavors is my favorite; sometimes I mix cinnamon, orange peel and green tea in a French press or I make it with apples and ginger. It depends on the mood I have. Of course, you could always buy some pre-packaged tea from stores instead – or maybe ask your roommate or friend that is obsessed with tea to do at least this part of a Hygge session together.

    4. I choose what I want to watch when the tea is brewing, and sometimes it lasts so long that I spend my whole cozy night looking for shows. I prefer not to choose beforehand because you never know what your mindset will be like while you’re in the moment, and this way I try new shows and movies. 

  1. Finally, most importantly, take the food you prepared, put it on a plate in a fancy way (because, let’s be honest, you are going to take a picture of it) and find a comfortable position for yourself. I usually lay down on my bed, but everyone is different. It is more about finding a comfy spot and this is very important. 

These were the five steps for nailing a cozy night, afternoon, or morning accompanied by the wind and rain outside. I guarantee you, all the stress will go away,  just like a meditation-session!

Author: Zeyneb
Editor: Ayesha
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