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The Complicated Relationship between You and Exams

The Complicated Relationship between You and Exams

To coordinators and educators, exams are one of the best objective methods to test students’ levels of knowledge. To students, exams are arduous and tedious, and make you forget more things that you ever knew – sometimes sprinkled with a little existential crisis. So unless you’re one of those people who are incredibly organized and have the superhuman ability to manage exam stress, you may relate to these memes.

  1. Realising the exams are close by and you basically did nothing the entire term.


2. Calculating all that time you could’ve spent studying instead.



3. Contemplating how it was possible for you to go to all those lectures and tutorials and still manage to know very little about your subjects.



4. When you ask an academic question in a group chat but everyone changes the subject.



5. When people keep asking questions about things you didn’t even know were in your course.



6. Trying to study but every little thing keeps distracting you.



7. Doing normal things apart from studying, like working out, but feeling guilty afterwards for no reason.



8. Finding that one smart person who seems to know everything and comparing yourself to them all the time.



9. Finding every possible way to calculate your GPA to figure out the minimum grade you need to pass the course.



10. Trying to sleep early the night before an exam but then staying up past 11pm “studying”.



11. Realizing you don’t have much time left to finish your exam but you’re still second guessing half your answers.



12. Opening up an exam paper and feeling like you studied for everything thoroughly except for the parts asked in the exam.



13. Finishing your exam and trying to figure out if anyone else has finished as well without looking like you’re cheating.



14. Feeling conflicted at the end of exam week because you have to wait almost a month to know your results.



So whether you’ve memorized the textbooks and lectures or you’ve just started studying the last week before exams, remember to stay calm during the exams, and that it doesn’t always matter how smart you are, it matters how hard you are willing to work.

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