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From one editorial team to another

From one editorial team to another

Last Friday, the 30th of June, our final issue of IBCoMagazine came out. This food-themed issue was a great issue to work on, even though it was created during an extremely busy period for the entire team. The food theme was there during the entire process; our team- and editorial meetings were loaded with snacks, writing articles got us so hungry that we had to take a food-break and editors Yanniek and Sophie drank a lot of cocktails for the ‘celebrating summer’ article — or maybe writing the article was just a cover, who knows?

Needless to say, we, the editorial team, are extremely proud of all the work that was done by our team this year. When we met for the first time one year ago, we had big plans for IBCoMagazine 2016-2017: more content and interaction for the blogs, more sponsorship, a dedicated team, more interaction between different platforms and with other student organizations. Some of these goals were reached, some weren’t, and we even developed new goals during the year, like an Instagram page and delicious team dinners at VIP.

Except for all the IBCoMagazine related work that we have done this year, we also had a lot of fun together! During our weekly morning meetings, Starbucks was often present, there was always someone late and after (or during) the IBCoMagazine related content, we would often chat about other things, like hotspots in Rotterdam, escalated party stories that are supposed to stay private and everything that had happened in IBCoM.

Obviously, we have also had our disagreements with each other, but when we started recruiting the new editorial team, we knew that it was most important that they got along together. You can be super qualified for the job, but if you don’t get along with the other editors, your editorial experience isn’t going to be as memorable as you would like.

It is with great confidence that we pass on our editorial tasks to the next team:

The editor-in-chief position was covered by our strong leader, Yanniek, who described her most valuable lesson as: “to bring together all these individuals with different talents, backgrounds and personalities, and to create something together that none of us had been able to do alone. We all learned to make use of our differences, instead of being limited by them, and that’s something we can bring with us in the future. In IBCoM, but also in everything that comes after that.”

This position will be taken over next year by Fabienne Vuijk. An 18-year-old, first year IBCoM student who was born and raised in Rotterdam. Her ultimate goal for next year is to “focus on gaining more readers and making the content attractive to everyone.”

Our managing editor, Reyhaan, is by far the most relaxed person I have ever met. He brought a special balance to the team that was much needed during stressful times. The most valuable lessons of his editorial experience were that “patience gets results” and “to take everything into consideration before speaking”. Those actually sound very valuable for life in general as well.

This position will be taken on by Anaelle Do Rego, who has already been a dedicated blogger this entire year. With her blog experience and her unlimited positivity, she is a great candidate for the job. As a soon-to-be second year IBCoMmer from Ivory Coast, she plans to join forces with even more student organizations.”

The final editorial position was filled by myself, Sophie, for the past year. My primary goal was to take the blog to the next level, so I hope you all enjoyed reading the content this year. I really hope you all continue to do so next year, as there is a lot more to come.

Clement Taffin, a second-year IBCoM student from Venezuela, will take over my position next year and she will continue to do great things with the blog and the magazine. She plans to “focus on helping to create pieces that touch upon important topics we tend not to address as often and issues that affect us as not only students, but people.” It sounds really promising!

We wish the new editorial team good luck and a lot of fun in fulfilling the tasks that we had the pleasure to fulfill this past year!


Editorial team 2016-2017


From left to right: Editor-in-Chief, Yanniek, Managing editor, Reyhaan, Copy-editor, Sophie


Editorial team 2017-2018


From left to right: Managing editor, Anaelle, Copy editor, Clement, Editor-in-chief, Fabienne.

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