Editorial Board 2022-2023




Hi! My name is Victor Vencsel, and this academic year, I will be IBCoMagazine’s Editor-in-Chief. I will be overseeing the activities of each team, setting up meetings with the Editorial Board, guiding the magazine according to our vision, and representing IBCoMagazine to IBCoM and all external groups.






Magazine Copy Editor

Hi! I’m Dameli, and this year, I will be IBCoMagazine’s Copy-Editor. My primary responsibility is to lead the writers’ team in terms of organization and content creation and encourage the writers to take the initiative and be creative, with the end goal being the successful publications of the IBCoMagazine’s four issues.







Internal and Public Relations Manager

Hi! My name is Julia. I am the Internal and Public Relations manager this year and I am responsible for making sure all the magazine members are having a great time throughout the year, staying positive and productive. I am in charge of planning, organising and executing various events, be it workshops, meetings or external events.





Marketing Manager

Hi! I’m Irem, the Marketing Manager of IBCoMa Magazine and this year my vision is to make the magazine seem more like a brand than a student-led project. With my team, we will experiment on lots of new platforms and aim towards starting a YouTube channel for the magazine, maybe producing podcasts on Spotify and taking our Canva design skills to the next level.






Art Director

Hi! I’m Monique and within the editorial board, I am responsible for guiding the visuals team consisting of illustrators, photographers, and designers. Together with my team, we create the visual aesthetic of IBCoMagazine.







Website Copy Editor

Hi! I’m Nimrat and I’m the website copy editor of IBCoMagazine this year. That means I’ll be in charge of the Bloggers team I’ll be working with the team of bloggers to take care of all the online publications of the website and give the website a fun transformation in terms of content and visuals. Moreover, I will make sure the website stays up to date while the magazine is in the process of being made!