Editorial Board 20/21

Meet The Talented Editorial Board of IBCoMagazine 2020/2021!

Sara Haverkamp: Sara is the editor-in-chief of the IBCoMagazine. She oversees the progress of both the magazine and the website and is the representative of the IBCoMagazine to IBCoM and all external groups.

Gwendolyne Cheung: Gwen is the copy editor of the website. She manages the team of bloggers and handles all online publications to ensure the website stays active while the magazine is in the process of being made.

Aleska Noguera: Allie is the copy editor of the magazine. She manages the team of writers who produce content for the magazine and ensures they are of high quality.

Anisha de Vries: Anisha is the PR director of the IBCoMagazine. She handles communication with external groups, whether that is for sponsorships, collaborations, events, or workshops.

Chelsea Blijlevens: Chelsea is the art director of the IBCoMagazine. She creates the visual aesthetic of our magazine and website and provides guidance to the team of photographers, illustrators, and designers.

Vitalii Zharinov: Vitalii is the marketing director of the IBCoMagazine. He runs all of our social media platforms: Instagram (@ibcomagazine), Facebook (facebook.com/theibcomagazine), and LinkedIn, to maintain outreach to our followers and promote the content of our creators.