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Goals and Visions 2023-2024

Goals and Visions 2023-2024

We are approaching.

When clouds are getting gloomy and you start spotting cardigans around the bustling streets, you know the call is coming. When trams get crammed, campus hectic, and all you can hear is that ear-piercing chatter, you know what time it is. The new academic year has started, your schedule is getting busier, and just like the myriad leaves are fighting for the streets right now, we are trying to fit in your day.

We are sharpening our pens and pencils.

We are clicking the buttons of the cameras, we are drawing our mind on those papers, we are editing those reels, we are posting those inspiring posts, we are attentively searching for that story, we are writing what would be useful for you to read. IBCoMagazine has always been that creative puzzle where all your pieces can fit. The one that values your creativity and input, motivates you with recommendations, and introduces you to a society, a world of our own, an entity. You don’t have to be the finest artist. You just have to be curious. This year IBCoMagazine will further focus on the enthusiasts who don’t want to be behind the curtains yet are interested in joining our events. Come along, the stage can fit us all.

We are your eyes and ears.

We are polishing. We are opening ourselves to more ways through which we can approach you. We are here for your hungry mind, feeding you with inspiration and creativity. Yet, we will be here as a manual in your pocket to which you can turn whenever you feel like missing out on important news from Erasmus University and your student life. IBCoMagazine’s 2023/24 Editorial Team has decided to take a step further in establishing our magazine to bring you both artistic and informative news and pieces. Opening ourselves to collaborations, so you can brush off that fear of missing out. Taking an active role at EUR’s life.

We are You.

You are IBCoMagazine. Your ideas, vivid colours, narrow brushes, radiant handwriting, authentic editing, attentive eye, and eagerness for opening our work beyond the limits of IBCoM. How far do you want to go? Our stage is limitless, and welcoming, and promising. And we cannot wait to see you next to us.


Author: Radina Kirilova

Editor: Csenge Nagy-György

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