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Sparkling Romance in Lockdown

Sparkling Romance in Lockdown

You might be questioning what could possibly be romantic after such a gloomy Valentine you just spent during social distancing?

Romance in our fantasy is filled with endless magical moments: enjoying a candlelit dinner at a fancy dining restaurant, watching the latest blockbuster movie in  a cinema-couple-box seat, having a picnic by the lake, accompanied by the dappled sunlight. Romance used to be full of spontaneity and enchantment until lockdown arrived, bringing along social distancing and visitor restriction, which we all couldn’t be any less excited about. Quickly enough, staying behind walls for days after days slowly swiped away our expectations for a new exciting experience, including a dreamlike date with your (ideal) partner.

However, right now, what is needed the most for us is not another pessimistic reminder of how unfortunate the situation is. Thus, on a lighter note, I have gathered around some ‘updated’ dating inspirations for us as quarantinners (not cheesy, I promise!). Hopefully, these can help you enjoy a little spiced-up romance while making the most out of this unusual timing.

Breakfast in Bed

Waking up to the smell of a freshly-brewed cup of coffee along with some slices of avocado toast all prepared by your loved one is unarguably one of the best ways to start a new day. It is a romantic gesture without taking too much of your effort, apart from setting an earlier alarm. I might be biased, but a surprise breakfast in bed is such a crazily romantic experience that no 5-star restaurant meal can ever compete with. Furthermore, you would definitely love to see his/her brightest smile from appreciation. So I would say, go for it! 

Organizing a home photoshoot

I believe it’s fair to say that we can never get enough of gorgeous couple photos with our significant others. Indeed, how could it be less than exciting to get dressed up and hang up a minimal backdrop under the natural lighting of a sunny day for some perfect shots with your date? Especially for my creative peers out there, I hope that the memorable journey already started during the planning part of organizing a home-size studio together, making this your one-of-a-kind dating idea. 

A home spa

Having a spa day at home can be an excellent therapeutic yet romantic activity for couples to try out. You can start with some mood-setting arrangement: lightening up your favorite scented candle, picking out some relaxing music,… Also, don’t forget the essentials for a spa experience (body lotion, face mask, and massage oil, etc) to plan out your night accordingly. Although the preparation part might be a handful at first, the sense of relaxation next to your date is a worthy final reward that won’t make you regret it!

A snuggly movie night

As old school as the idea might sound, a movie night is a golden choice for an effortless date when you need nothing more but some enjoyable moments with your loved one. You can simply cuddle in bed for some classic rom-com movies on a Saturday night, or go a little extra by getting a projector and setting up the ‘cinema’ atmosphere with some dimming lighting. Long-distance couples who have difficulties visiting one another during this odd timing can also benefit from this suggestion, simply by sitting back and enjoying Netflix streaming.

Romance sparks among us even in difficult times. Although lockdown can be challenging, certainly it is not challenging enough to prevent you from creating new memories with your significant other. 

Author: Rachel Nguyen

Editor: Gwendolyne Cheung

Illustrator: Hanh Tran 

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