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Little acts of kindness to brighten up this year’s holiday

Little acts of kindness to brighten up this year’s holiday

Christmas is just around the corner and while some of us have the chance to spend Christmas 2020 with their closest family members, others are forced to spend these days alone due to lockdown restrictions. The uncertain time we are living in right now makes it even more important than before to be there for each other and to check on neighbours and friends during the holiday season. Through little acts of kindness, we can bring out a community spirit and round off this crazy year in a positive way. 

To give you some nice inspiration on how to brighten up Christmas this year, we have put together our favourite suggestions aiming to spread love and hope this month and beyond. 

Write letters to people in need

By writing a letter to someone in need, you are able to make a genuine connection with them and make them feel somewhat happier. The Write_On campaign has started several projects which you can join if you are interested in spreading good cheer to people all over the world, whether that’s someone who’s battling cancer, an elder person who does not have family, or a young girl in need of support. One of these groups is the Love for Elderly group who wants to fight loneliness through love for elders. It is really easy to join this, or one of the other communities and make a difference by writing a letter. 

Donate your old sweaters and coats 

The end of the year is approaching and what better way to start 2021 fresh and fruity than by planning a wardrobe clear-out? Instead of throwing away the clothes you are not planning on wearing anymore, donate your warmest sweaters and coats to help homeless people, refugees, and kids living in poverty, keeping them warm during these cold months. You can search for a donation point near your home or join a Facebook community that arranges such initiatives. Even by donating just one item, you will put a smile on someone else’s face and that’s what Christmas is all about, right? 

Make a Christmas playlist

Unfortunately, Christmas this year will look a little different from what we are used to and because of the current measures, it will not be possible to come together in large groups. To keep the happy and cozy Christmas feeling alive, make a playlist on Spotify with all the classic Christmas songs. You can share this playlist with your friends and have the best corona proof Christmas Zoom party. 

Bake Christmas treats to give to family and friends

If there’s one baking trend that was spread all over Instagram at the beginning of the first lockdown, it would be banana bread. Big chance you’ve also made, or at least ate, this tasty creation, so let’s get ready for the next baking session. Bring Christmas like ingredients into your home, get creative and bake the most delicious festive sweet treats. Then make a cheerful goodybag in which you can put the delicacies and drop them off to your loved ones. See this baking opportunity as a nice moment for yourself or ask a sibling or friend to bake with you to spend some quality time together. In need of some inspiration? Pinterest is full of delicious Christmas recipes, so go search and find something you like.  

Author: Itske van den Braak

Editor: Gwendolyne Cheung 

Illustrator: Lisa van der Loos 

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