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From IBCoM, to the World: IBCoMagazine’s upcoming goals & plans for 2020/2021

From IBCoM, to the World: IBCoMagazine’s upcoming goals & plans for 2020/2021

The 2020/2021 academic year for the International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM) is very much around the corner, but the preparations for a new IBCoMagazine year have already been in the works for a while. A new editorial board, lay-out, and prospective team are calling for yet another magazine era filled with continuous improvement and ample room for the outlet of creativity. But what exactly is IBCoMagazine planning?


Uniting and Connecting people

At IBCoMagazine, we believe that it’s the people in our team who are the main driving force behind our creative platform. Therefore, our top priority is to create an active and engaged team, by connecting members to each other and through tightening their bonds. Not only does IBCoMagazine allow students to explore their creative side and develop their personal abilities, it also provides the opportunity of meeting other people with the same interests and collaborate on topics that they feel passionate about. This year, IBCoMagazine will once again bring people together under a well-organized and dedicated environment, giving IBCoM students the chance to be curious, creative and connected.


IBCoMagazine’s New Generation: Going even Bigger

A quite ambitious but desired goal is to take IBCoMagazine to another level, and by that we mean going big. Although the magazine has been growing throughout the years, we strive to provide IBCoMagazine with an even wider audience reach, becoming greater both in talent and recognition.

One of our main goals is to strengthen the ties with the ESHCC faculty and to create media products that are relevant to more students of EUR. Besides, we will continue to emphasize the importance of diversity and equality through the creation of suitable content and providing everyone who wants a platform to voice their opinion. For now, the new board has been planning several ideas to increase its inclusion of all those who want to create. And who knows? Perhaps an official association of the IBCoMagazine could even be established.


Crossing lines, Crossing Borders

Following the previous goal, IBCoMagazine also wants to have community outreach. Besides capturing more students’ attention than merely the IBCoM students, it would be a great accomplishment to gain more popularity for the magazine in its’ specialized field, such as journalism and/or the creative industries area. In addition, the board will actively seek collaborations with other study associations to improve ties and to expand its reach. We believe that despite the magazine being created by IBCoM students, it can bring relevant and accurate media to anyone. Hence this year’s slogan: From IBCoM, to the World.


More than just a Magazine

Despite the name, IBCoMagazine actually stands for way more and this year, the outlet is planning to expand even more! For those who don’t know, workshops were introduced by last years’ board and it received results beyond expectation. Therefore, we will continue organizing workshops but now on a monthly basis! For instance, you can expect basic guides of Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop to more advanced experience about copywriting or public speaking. Moreover, IBCoMagazine is currently working on its first ever exhibition, with the topic: IBCoMagazine’s Time Capsule. These sorts of events should be strived for as they both give more exposure to the magazine and allow creators to display their talent. So stay tuned for more!


This has been a brief summary of this year’s plans and the direction we would like IBCoMagazine to take from upon now. However, as previously mentioned, the board only won’t be able to accomplish these desired goals, but with a team of hard-working, creative and dedicated creators it might be not impossible.

So, if you feel like you would want to contribute to the realization of these goals, don’t be shy and apply 🙂

Become a member of the 2020/2021 team by sending in your application before the 20th of September 2020 at 23.59! We look forward to welcoming you in our big family!


Author: Gwendolyne Cheung

Editor: Sara Haverkamp

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