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Two Conspiracy Theories For You

Two Conspiracy Theories For You

If I’m being honest, I never got the Shane Dawson conspiracy hype. While I do believe he makes quality content, the use of dramatic effects and sounds makes his content unappealing to me. I have never been a fan of mysteries and conspiracies because I just don’t like the idea of creating scenarios in my head that never happened. That has changed – I’m not deep into Reddit conspiracy forums or anything like that, but every now and again when I am unwinding, I sit and watch Stephanie Soo’s conspiracy videos. I just thought I would share with you some fascinating conspiracy theories. DISCLAMER: if the government is watching, I totally don’t believe any of these conspiracies, and I am just simply sharing for entertainment purposes.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

This incident took place in the Russian Ural Mountains. Nine students were hiking from this Mountain to another Mountain. They unfortunately did not make it to the first checkpoint  and a rescue team was dispatched. Five people were found dead outside the tent area.

At first this all seemed normal; their cause of death was hypothermia, in the low temperatures of the mountain region. However, they had left all their gear a mile away in  the tent and were found underdressed. The tent was also found to be cut open from the inside. The other four people were then found a lot later due to the harsh weather conditions the rescue team to a pause on the search. They were also found with fractured bodies and one women was even said to have her tongue cut open and her eyes removed. Autopsies were conducted on these bodies and it was found that the injuries could not possibly be a result of a human attack. The doctors said that it is not possible that a human being could cause that much impact on a body. 

How did they die? What caused their death?

Conspiracy one: Military tests, so it was assumed that close to where they were camping military test were taking place and out of a panic state as a result of hearing loud explosions they fled the tent. They believed that parachute mines were set in the sky. It was found that there was, in fact, military testing that was going on during that time. However, the thing is parachutes denote in the air rather then when they reach the earth’s surface.

Conspiracy two: Some believed they were under the influence of a substance and they killed each other but no substance was found in any one of their bodies.

Conspiracy three: Is that there was an avalanche that was taking place and that the avalanche had blocked the tent exit leaving them to have to quickly cut open the tent and runaway. Thus they split into two groups and the five of them managed to hide by a tree protecting them from the avalanche however, they ended up dying due to the extreme cold. The group of four got caught within the avalanche which mean a lot of snow hit them hard and left them in the condition they were buried under snow which is why it was so hard to find them. However the issue with this is the was no sign of an avalanche that was reported at the time. An over 100 expeditions were conducted and none of them every reported conditions of an avalanche taking place. Furthermore, they had two skiers amongst the group so they would have an idea if they were on the path of a potential avalanche.

The Case of the Silent Twins

This case is about twins June and Jennifer who were children of immigrant parents in Wales. They were referred to as the silent twins because growing up they were bullied to the point of them having to leave school early and gradually they began to speak less and less to other people till they eventually just didn’t talk to anyone but each other. They were sent to multiple therapists as an attempt to get them to communicate with other people but this was unsuccessful. They were then sent to separate boarding schools to get them to maybe speak to others but this just made them develop more abnormal behaviour.

When they were finally reunited they began dwelling in their artistic endeavours such as plays and stories that they would sometimes gift to their younger sister. They would write very morbid stories about strange criminal behaviour from having a father kill the family dog to give the dog’s heart to his child to a story about a woman who discovers that music played at a disco made people do crazy violent acts. Their behaviour was rather violent June had once attempted to drown Jennifer and Jennifer had once attempted to choke June with an aux cord.

These girls at the age of 14 then went on to commit arson which lead them to be sent to a high security mental hospital for 12 years. They eventually lost their creative touch and were given high doses of medicine which worsened their situation. These twins began to believe that one of them had to die. Jennifer decided to make the sacrifice and as they were being transferred from the maximum security hospital to another clinic Jennifer died on the way. It was found that it there was no evidence of drugs or poison in her system but she had died of a sudden inflammation to the heart.

During the investigation process the diaries of these two were revealed, Jennifer often referred to June as her shadow and June often spoke about how she feared Jennifer and her dominant tendencies. June was released and she began living a normal life and she has been doing interviews. The thing is no one knows how Jennifer died.

Conspiracy one: is the obvious that she just sacrificed herself so her sister could have a normal life in society. However, why would one of them have to die for that to happen why couldn’t both of them survive and integrate back into society.

Conspiracy two: They had shared psychosis , this means one of the twins were delusional and somehow this delusion transferred to the other twin. Which in this case would mean that June was thinking Jennifer should die and so Jennifer went ahead and killed herself.

These are two conspiracy theories that are not super mainstream like the mandela effect, 9/11 or the moon landing. If you don’t know what conspiracies I am referring to do look them up.

What do you think happened in these two cases? Which one of the theories presented do you think makes the most sense ?

Author: Tasha

Editor: Ayesha
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