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10 Instagram Accounts You Need to Look at When You’re in a Mood to Procrastinate

10 Instagram Accounts You Need to Look at When You’re in a Mood to Procrastinate

With exam week around the corner and deadlines every other day, all you’re busy with right now is probably everything but studying. Most of you are probably mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram (I can relate). But I bet you get bored of that quite fast, and it’s because you’re not following the right accounts! So, to help you, here’s a list of 10 Instagram accounts you must follow.

  1. Kanye Doing Things (@kanyedoingthings)

Kanye West himself is already a living iconic meme, literally, but everything he does seems to be even more iconic when captured in a picture and supported by the right caption.

  1. WednesdayMeows (@wednesdaymeows)

This is by far the cutest cat you will come across in the realm of the Internet. I honestly don’t need to explain this one further, it’s just too damn cute.

  1. Tinder Convos (@tinderconvos)

We’ve all done it. You put yourself out there on Tinder, awkwardly converse with equally desperate strangers, eventually take a few painful hits, but luckily most of that remains unknown to the public eye. But not for these Tinder conversations. And trust me, they’re hilarious.

  1. Miserable Men TM (@miserable_men)

For some these posts will be relatable, for others it’ll just be funny as hell, either way you have to take a look at these men dreadfully waiting for their partners to be done shopping.

  1. ¡¡BADDiE!! (@baddiewinkle)

This badass Instagranny has nearly 4 million followers and you can see why if you scroll through her page. I’m literally still in tears with her bio “stealing ur manz since 1928”.

  1. Texts From Your Existentialist (@textsfromyourexistentialist)

Don’t we all love a little dark and deep humor in combination with art?

  1. Passenger Shaming (@passengershaming)

Oh my god… This account manages to perfectly capture the anger you experience when encountering that one passenger. You know if you know.

  1. Cash Cats (@cashcats)

Yes, another cat account, don’t judge me. But this one has your two favorite things combined in a picture for over 600 posts: cash and cats. Amazing right?

  1. Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam)

If you’re an average edgy millennial (same), chances are you love self-deprecation as a form of humor. This personal account of model Tilda Lindstam is the perfect combination of charming selfies, clever puns and witty captions.

  1. Fattyonce (@fattyonce)

I saved the best Instagram for last, which is coincidentally also my personal favorite. This account edits all of Beyoncé’s Instagram posts in a way to make her look extra thicc. As a true stan I can safely say this is in no way meant to fat shame, because the queen looks beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

Author: Nicky
Editor: Ayesha
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