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Making the First Blog Post is Scary

Making the First Blog Post is Scary

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This blog post was almost named “10 reasons why you should read IBCoMagazine”, but then I decided, eh, maybe not. I haven’t thought of a title yet, but I’ll probably figure it out when I’m done with this content. Hopefully you’ll like it, and if not, just don’t say anything.

Anyway, welcome to the new blog of the IBCoMagazine! If you im logoreally want to know about us, all the information you need is available under the ‘about us’ section. I’m not ashamed to admit that I worked¬†pretty long on creating it, so go and check out.

With this new school year, we’ve got a whole new editorial team (which I’m a part of), graphic designers, writers and photographers that are all ambitious and excited to create content on this blog and in our issues that we’re proud to share with all (prospective) IBCoM students and staff.

There’s always something going on in Rotterdam and with our programme, and we hope you’re excited to go on this journey with us and see how we develop and evolve as a team.¬†Our first issue of the year is underway, so look out for teasers and more information over the next few days!

Confused about how to end blog posts,

The Editorial Team

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